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10 Best Fortnite 2 Player Backrooms Map Codes

Something spooky for two players to enjoy.
A shadow waits near a door.
Image via JIMMYMOOG/Epic Games

There’s something truly special about the spookiness and creepiness that has to do with the internet’s Backrooms. Endless corridors that people fall into and get lost in for eternity, all while being pursued by otherworldly monsters are the stuff of nightmares.

But if you’re like me and cannot get enough of that stuff, then you may want to jump into the Backrooms in Fortnite. While it’s fun to go alone, sometimes, it’s fun to bring a friend with you. And if that sounds like something you’d like to try, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best Fortnite 2-player Backrooms map codes we could find.

10 Best Fortnite 2 Player Backrooms Map Codes

There really doesn’t seem to be any standard, survival horror Backrooms experiences for multiple players, though there are some fun multiplayer modes taking place in the Backrooms. Here they are!

  • Red Vs Blue Backrooms: 8028-4741-7031
  • Backrooms 100 Level Deathrun: 4297-5695-8849
  • 50 Players Build Battle (Backrooms): 6841-3584-9978
  • The Backrooms (Gun Game): 1034-3993-0040
  • The Backrooms: Infection: 2624-7604-0923
  • Madness in the Walls: The Backrooms Prophunt: 2290-1238-5158
  • The Backrooms – Gun Game: 9587-5263-2775
  • The Backrooms Boxfights: 5670-1466-3143
  • Backrooms Combat: 8176-9369-0407
  • Backrooms Red Vs Blue: 6017-3741-9109

How to Enter Fortnite Map Codes

  • At the lobby, select the Game Mode option and head to Island Code.
  • Next, enter your code, then Ready Up to join!

Well, there you have it! Those are our 10 best Fortnite 2-player Backrooms map codes to offer! Be sure to check out some of our other great map code lists too, like “Fortnite: All Cizzorz Deathrun Map Codes”.

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