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Best Fallout 4 Sex Mods

The dark side of Boston.

You can lose yourself in Fallout 4. It’s got so much to keep you occupied that you’ll likely never get through all the content on offer. However, the game doesn’t have anything for those players who want a truly immersive experience in every way.

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This guide lists the best Fallout 4 sex mods you can download and use right now to make the game satisfy every one of your desires.

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Best Fallout 4 Adult NSFW Mods

AAF Hardship

Hardship mod Fallout 4
Image by Tentacus

AAF Hardship from Tentacus is an ambitious role-playing mod that adds features designed to simulate a subsistence economy in Fallout 4’s apocalyptic Boston. The writing is as pulpy as the rest of the Fallout universe but with the gross and sexy edge of an old sticky magazine.

The mod stands out for having an incredible installation guide to animation and model improvements and for the sheer variety of scenes scripted almost seamlessly into the gameplay of Fallout. If you’re looking for an NSFW role-playing experience, this is the best mod to try, and it’s great if you’re new to sex mods. Completing a proper install of AAF Hardship will leave you with a nearly rebuilt game to which you can add other adult content.

The mod will give you plenty of subplots and dialogues so that you won’t get bored quickly with this one!


Image by louisthird

Assimilation is another mod aimed at role-players with a unique focus made by louisthird. With this mod running, the developers have some interesting things lined up, like changing your appearance after your character has had sex with a partner of a particular faction. Your body, skin, hair, tattoos, and even faction can change. This allows for your character to seamlessly evolve over the course of a campaign, with the salacious twist of centering around sex.

You will also get additional small quests that will enrich your gameplay with sexy adventures.

Sexy Clothes From Skyrim

Image by bumex/wolfyroary

This mod by bumex needs little explanation. It brings over meshes that allow you to acquire and wear sexy clothes from Skyrim. You can even get your companions to wear them. There are over 300 outfits that were already created for Skyrim and just transferred to Fallout 4 with this amazing mod.

Ivy Companion

Companion Ivy Mod
Image by Reginald_001

The sprawling Meet Ivy Companion mod by Reginald_001 is a full-featured companion addition with new conversations and quests. This old actress is a great mod to any Fallout 4 build but makes for an especially sweet cherry on top of a game modded with a heavy focus on NSFW content.

The mod brings extra quests, new custom models, and refined HyperCombat.

AAF Morning Sex With Lover

Image by megururu

AAF Morning Sex With Lover, a mod by megururu, could be a lore-friendly mod. It doesn’t change much, but it does add new dialogue options with your companions that lead to new animated scenes. These can only be triggered after sleeping in a bed with a companion, hence why we believe they could be lore-friendly.

If an enhanced pillow talk that can be followed with a more spicy action is something that you think is intriguing, then definitely check out this mod.

MCG Extended Social Interactions

Extended Social Interactions mod
Image by anghelos92

This mod created by anghelos92 is about as close to an overhaul as you can get in this list. It gives all NPCs new dialogue lines and options so you can fully immerse yourself. You can hit a bar and flirt with whoever you want to see if they’ll come home with you. Of course, they could turn you down, but there’s always plenty more fish in the sea.

It’s a pretty vanilla mod, so don’t expect any freaky stuff, and as the developer explains, it can work nicely with other NSFW or SFW mods and shouldn’t interrupt them. Date unique and non-unique NPCs, let the NPCs charm you by approaching to flirt with you, marry (and divorce), plan children, and much more!

Bazoongas Workshop

Image by Vitriks

If you’ve ever thought that the armor in Fallout 4 isn’t very sexy, you’re not alone. Bazoongas workshop mod by Vitriks brings in some new armor sets that you can craft and equip that are far sexier than anything the developers at Bethesda could cook up. You may even start to see them around the wasteland.

Find plenty of sexy assassin armor in this mod and spice up the killing with unique erotic outfits.

Devious Devices

Image by Kimy

This is the mod for those players who just want sex toys in Fallout 4. Made by Kimy, it adds a shocking number of new weapons and devices for you to use, all of which have some sort of sexual link and purpose. Be warned, this is a brave new world that isn’t bound by today’s standards, so get ready to see some things you may never unsee.

You can expect cuffs, charity belts, hobble skirts, etc. Keep in mind that any restraining toys or devices will actually prevent you from moving partially or altogether. For example, if you get tied with handcuffs, you really won’t be able to use your hands.

Tattoo After Rape

Image by JB.

A pretty straightforward mod, Tattoo After Rape, will apply a permanent tattoo to your character after they get raped. The mod created by twistedtrebla gives you one random design from the pool of 100+ tattoos, and if you don’t like it, you can remove it by going to the newly placed NPC “Tattoo Remover” in Dugout Inn in Diamond City. It will cost you 2000 caps.

Dongs of Fallout

Image by vinfamy

Once again, the name says it all. Big or small, erect or loose, all dongs are available. Dongs of Fallout by vinfamy will trigger erections whenever there’s a sex scene created by Four-Play mod that we described above. However, if you’re bored and want to control the “state” of the dong on your own, you can do it with hotkeys (pun intended).

Best Vibe Armors

Image by Gamewolf

Best Vibe Armors mod gives you some great-looking armor for your female characters. These won’t protect you much, but let’s be real – if you were looking for great stats, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Experiment with different skirts, panties, jackets, and some hidden sex toys that are also part of this mod created by Gamewolf.

Glorious Female Nude Mod

Image by BlackFireBR

Glorious Female Nude mod by BlackFireBR is your NSFW version of Ultra HD reworks of old games. If you want those female bodies in Fallout 4 to shine and give you those juicy details, this mode is right for you. Just make sure that your graphics card can take all the extra heat from these detailed textures.

We hope you found great mods that enhanced your gameplay! For more Fallout content, see Best Fallout 3 Sex Mods and The 10 Best Fallout: New Vegas Sex Mods.

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