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Best Fallout 4 Sex Mods

The dark side of Boston.

You can lose yourself in Fallout 4. It’s got so much to keep you occupied that you’ll likely never get through all the content on offer. However, the game doesn’t have anything for those players that want a truly immersive experience in every way. This guide lists the best Fallout 4 sex mods you can download and use right now to make the game satisfy every one of your desires.

Best Fallout 4 Adult NSFW Mods

AAF Hardship

AAF Hardship from Tentacus is an ambitious role-playing mod that adds features designed to simulate a subsistence economy in Fallout 4’s apocalyptic Boston. The writing is as pulpy as the rest of the Fallout universe, but with the gross and sexy edge of an old sticky magazine. This mod stands out for having an incredible installation guide to animation and model improvements, and for the sheer variety of scenes scripted almost seamlessly into the gameplay of Fallout. If you’re looking for an NSFW role-playing experience, this is the best mod to try, and it’s great if you’re new to sex mods. Completing a proper install of AAF Hardship will leave you with a nearly re-built game that you can add other adult content onto.

Four-Play Index

The Four-Play Index mod does most of what AAF Hardship and other similar “sex overhaul” mods do for Bethesda games. However, it’s considered one of the easiest to set up, though AAF Hardship is the mod that most experienced players point to.


Assimilation is another mod aimed at role-players, with a unique focus. With this mod running, “After the player has sex with a partner of a particular faction there is a chance that the player’s hair, body, skin, and clothes may be changed.” This allows for your character to seamlessly evolve over the course of a campaign, with the salacious twist of centering around sex.

Sexy Clothes From Skyrim

This mod needs little explanation. It brings over meshes that allow you to acquire and wear sexy clothes from Skyrim. You can even get your companions to wear them.

Ivy Companion

The sprawling Meet Ivy Companion is a full-featured companion addition, with new conversations and quests. This old actress is a great mod to any Fallout 4 build but makes for an especially sweet cherry on top of a game modded with a heavy focus on NSFW content.

AAF Morning Sex With Lover

AAF Morning Sex With Lover could be a lore-friendly mod. It doesn’t change much, but it does add in new dialogue options with your companions that lead to new animated scenes. These can only be triggered after sleeping in a bed with a companion, hence why we believe they could be lore-friendly.

MCG Extended Social Interactions

This mod is about as close to an overhaul as you can get in this list. It gives all NPCs new dialogue lines and options so you can fully immerse yourself. You can hit a bar and flirt with whoever you want to see if they’ll come home with you. Of course, they could turn you down, but there’s always plenty more fish in the sea.

Bazoongas Workshop

If you’ve ever thought that the armor in Fallout 4 isn’t very sexy, you’re not alone. This mod brings in some new armor sets that you can craft and equip that are far sexier than anything the developers at Bethesda could cook up. You may even start to see them around the wasteland.

Devious Devices

This is the mod for those players that just want sex toys in Fallout 4. It adds a shocking number of new weapons and devices for you to use, all of which have some sort of sexual link and purpose. Be warned, this is a brave new world that isn’t bound by today’s standards, so get ready to see some things you may never unsee.

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