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Conan Exiles, the open-world survival game set in the unforgiving world of Conan the Barbarian, has captivated gamers with its challenging gameplay and expansive sandbox environment for years. While the game’s core experience is focused on survival and exploration, its modding community has added a whole new dimension to Conan Exiles by creating numerous NSFW mods.

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These spicy mods introduce a wealth of mature content to the game, enhancing the game’s versatility and catering to a more adult audience. In this article, we will explore some of the best sex mods available for Conan Exiles, providing an overview of their features and how they can transform your gaming experience into something your grandmother would smack you for!

Please note that these mods are intended for mature audiences only! Reader discretion is advised!!

Best Sex Mods for Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles has evolved into a thriving platform for modders to explore their creativity and add new dimensions to the game, including those that offer a much spicier alternative to its original content. If you were hoping to sauce up your survival experience in Conan Exiles, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

This list combines all of the nastiest, dirtiest, most sinful Conan Exiles sex mods that the internet has to offer. If you’re not 18+, then please, for the love of all that is innocent and holy, run.

Whether you’re seeking skimpier character customization, intimate interactions, or just a generally more exciting gameplay experience, here are all of the best sex mods for Conan Exiles:

Primal Instincts Mod

Conan Exiles Mod Primal Instincts
Image via Funcom/CaInSitu

This mod is hands down, one of the most popular Conan Exiles sex mods of all time. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that it’s one of the most popular Conan Exiles mods of all time, period. The Primal Instincts mod by CaInSitu on NexusMods allows players to have intimate interactions with your thralls and with each other.

With this mod, you can invite any player or thrall to have sex with you whenever you want. Once they accept your invitation, you can pretty much just get down and dirty anywhere you choose. This mod includes almost-disturbingly detailed animations too, so you won’t miss out on a single second of the sinful action!

Conan Sexiles Mod

Conan Exiles Mod Conan Sexiles
Image via Funcom/dongarrison

This one goes out to all of the horniest, most heathenous Conan Exiles fans out there. If you hadn’t already noticed, I had to censor the crap out of this one’s cover image, but even that doesn’t even begin to illustrate just how nasty this mod can get.

Similar to the Primal Instincts mod, this mod features intimate animations for players engaging in adult activities with each other and their thralls. It also adds multiple new craftable items, such as shackles, leashes, bondage collars, and more! Also, its title is a pun, which already makes it a winner in my book. Head on over to dongarrison’s page on NexusMods if you think it’d make an exciting addition to your playthrough!

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Female NPC Mod

Conan Exiles Female NPC Mod
Image via Funcom/leon8z

This mod by leon8z on NexusMods is truly the only one of its kind. If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking that Conan Exiles simply didn’t have enough naked women in it, then congratulations, leon8z just read your mind!

The Female NPC mod does pretty much exactly as its title suggests. This mod changes all of Conan Exiles’ humanoid world bosses, mini-bosses, and normal NPCs to naked females. Any game can be made immediately better with hundreds of free-roaming naked females!

Devious Desires Mod

Conan Exiles Devious Desires Mod
Image via Funcom/Cloudy/Tin

With a title like “Devious Desires”, you’d think that this mod would contain some truly depraved nasty nonsense, and you’d be 100% correct. The Devious Desires mod by Cloudy and Tin on Steam allows players to act out their nastiest, most sinful fantasies in Conan Exiles.

This mod adds a truly ridiculous number of new features to the game, including over 850+ new animations, new character controls during animations (if you know what I mean), advanced consent settings, and even an in-depth “dong” system, which includes customizations, animations, and controls that are usable both in and outside of Scenes (interpret that as you will).

75% More Women Mod

Conan Exiles More Women Mod
Image via Funcom/

This mod is for all the insatiable lady lovers out there! If you think this game is lacking in some serious estrogen, then you’re not the only one. on Steam has your back!

The 75% More Women mod does exactly what you’d think it does: it ensures that all NPCs, including Tier 4, spawn 75% as women. Additionally, the Entertainers only spawn as women, so you’ll be drowning in bodacious boob-age the second you install this mod! Good luck concentrating on completing your playthrough when you’ve got all those big-boobed babes to wade through.

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Top Freedom Mod

Conan Exiles Top Freedom Mod
Image via Funcom/TerrIncognito

As you can likely already guess by its title and censored cover image, this mod is for boob lovers. Similar to leon8z, TerrIncognito on NexusMods decided to finally do something about the lack of bare-breasted women in Conan Exiles.

This mod allows all female-presenting characters to #freethenips! Top Freedom changes many of the game’s armor sets to accommodate bare breasts, including Derketo priest, Set priest, Darfari’s necklace (it’s actually just a necklace now), Light exile armor, and Medium studded leather armor. It also changes your character’s “unclothed look” by removing that useless bra that no one asked for!

New Gen Mod

New Gen Mod Conan Exiles
Image via Mattoid

You may not be able to change your private parts in real life, but you can in Conan Exiles with the New Gen mod! This mod is by Mattoid on Steam and it allows both male and female players to customize their own downstairs-party-starters.

You may have noticed that Conan Exiles and many of its mods sort of follow a “one size fits all” format when it comes to character’s bodies, including their no-no squares. Thankfully for the rest of us, someone (Mattoid) finally decided to bite the bullet and bless the fanbase with inclusive genitalia! Check out their mod on the Steam Workshop if you’re ready to jazz up your birthday suit in Conan Exiles!

These Conan Exiles sex mods are among some of the nastiest mods out there; if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list, then you’re either in the wrong place or it doesn’t exist.

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