Best Budget Loadout in Escape From Tarkov (0.12)

Finding the best loadout as a new player in Escape From Tarkov can seem like a difficult task. The game has many different guns, attachments, types of ammo, and armors to choose from, some of which can easily break your bank. This guide will provide you with the best budget loadout in Escape From Tarkov for new players.

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Best Budget Loadout in Escape From Tarkov

Armored Rig 6b5-15 – this is our number one priority which will cost us around 40,000 rubles. You can buy one every 2 hours, it costs TP and Soap. If this is not available, you are buying the M1 Rig from Ragman, which costs 4 Aquamarine or about 68,000 rubles.

SSh-68 helmet (1968 steel helmet) – we will be using this helmet, which will cost right around 10,000 – 15,000 rubles on the Flea Market. An alternative helmet is the UN which can be purchased from Ragman for 2 fragmentation glasses. You can buy these from the flea market for around 5,000 – 7,000 rubles.

AK-74N – our weapon will be crafted in the hideout workbench for about 11,000 rubles. You will want to pickup a Recoil pad for -5% recoil. Bullets are very important and will be the most expensive part of the weapon. Buy 90x BS+7n39 ammo which will cost 67,500 plus the mags and ammo pouch.

You can also buy some Apollon cigarettes to buy an AK, which will cost about 15,000. AK can also be bought from Prapor for TP and Toothpaste.

Scav Backpack – Scav Backpack is fine for the beginning of the raid when we are taking out a few Scavs. If you manage to kill a player he is almost guaranteed to have a better backpack for you like the Tri-Zip or Berkut.

GSSh-01 headset – we go with the cheapest headset which you can buy from Ragman for about 12,000 rubles.

Meds – we want to purchase Car Medkit and the Painkillers for about 10,000 rubles from Therapist. The other option is to craft your own Salewa inside your medstation for about 7,000 rubles.

Optional – you can get two grenades (10,000 per) and invest in a laser, which is not completely necessary but good to have.

This loadout will cost us about 6,000 rubles to fully insure. Considering each piece of equipment, the total loadout cost will be right around 170,000 to 225,000 rubles.

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