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Best Boomerang Monkey Path BTD 6

This is the best Boomerang Monkey path of all time.
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There are several legendary franchises in the world of gaming. Specifically in the genre of Tower Defense, I cannot think of a more iconic franchise than the sentient monkeys made towers. That is, of course, Bloons Tower Defense, or BTD. BTD 6 is the latest entry in the franchise, and this strategy game has never been as fun. Now, take a look at the word I said: strategy. Not everything is dealing damage, and using towers that will ensure your survival by applying debuffs and boosts to your other towers is a golden move. Today, we will talk about one of those units. More specifically, we will talk about the best Boomerang Monkey path in BTD 6, to get the best out of its abilities.

Best Boomerang Monkey Path

When deciding to upgrade a Monkey in BTD6, you have three available paths that will unlock different types of abilities. Each one of them will specifically make the monkey stronger in a certain task, like being extra strong with a certain enemy for example. IN order for you to understand, here are the three paths available for you in a well-built table, because we care for you, you bloon popping master:

Boomerang Monkey Paths

PathTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Path 1 Improved RangsGlaivesGlaive RicochetM.O.A.R. GlaivesGlaive Lord
Path 2Faster ThrowingFaster RangsBionic BoomerangTurbo ChargePerma Charge
Path 3Long Range RangsRed Hot RangsKylie BoomerangMOAB PressMOAB Domination

While Path 1 is a great choice due to its all-round bloon popping power, and Path 2 being more of a niche option (good against bloons, ceramics, and blimps), Path 3 is the best Boomerang Monkey path. Simply put, the Bottom Path will transform your Boomerang Monkey into a MOAB popping machine (blimps, in other words). The MOAB Press ability will push back the MOABs, giving the player more time in order to deal more damage to pop them. If the player uses the MOAB Glue Glue Gunner, then the MOAB will be pushed back further when slowed down. For the MOAB press, the best crosspath is 2-0-4, combining this ability with the glaives’ knock back and pierce.

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That’s pretty much it! Now you will have a unit that will be able to deal with the most powerful bloons in the game, as well as giving you a chance to deal with them with your other units placed in the map. Go ahead and use your Boomerang Monkey and keep those blimps at bay. Good popping!

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