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Best Arc Titan Build For Destiny 2 Lightfall

It's still good - I promise.
Best Arc Titan Build For Destiny 2 Lightfall - subclass.
Image via Bungie

I consider this to be the best Arc Titan build for Destiny 2 Lightfall – bar none. It was the king of the hill before the Lightfall nerfs, and I’ll admit it’s no longer that powerful. However, I do think it’s still strong enough to be used at an endgame level, which is why I’m talking about it here.

I’ll be going through this Arc Titan build in depth. I’ll explain my Aspect and Fragment choice, as well as offer up some Exotic options to really bring the whole build together.

Destiny 2 Lightfall – Best Arc Titan Build


Best Arc Titan Build For Destiny 2 Lightfall - Aspect.
Image via Bungie
  • Touch of Thunder.

We’re playing heavily into our grenade in this Arc Titan build, and that process starts with Touch of Thunder. This Aspect will modify your grenade, with each different grenade getting a unique modification.

Our focus is on our Storm Grenade. In that nade’s case, Touch of Thunder will allow it to roam – enable it to single-handedly clear rooms of adds.

This build isn’t nearly as effective without Touch of Thunder, so consider it mandatory.

  • Knockout.

Knockout is our second choice for two reasons. First, it provides us with a good health restoration engine by triggering health regen on melee kills. This is one of our only defensive tools with this build, so don’t underestimate how important it is.

Secondly, it’s going to amplify your melee to give it more damage and range when you critically wound a target, or break their shield. Beyond our melee being a good DPS tool for majors, it’s going to play into our grenade engine with Heart of Inmost Light.

To keep your HOIL regeneration online, you’ll be using your melee regularly, so you might as well get the extra damage for it. It also gives us two Fragments, as opposed to the other Aspect’s one Fragment.

Ability-wise, you can take whatever melee you want, but you do want to take Storm Grenades. All of this build’s power comes from these nades, so without them – this build may as well not exist.

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Image via Bungie
  • Spark of Shock.

Our entire Fragment setup is aimed at buffing our Storm Grenade as much as possible. Spark of Shock lays the foundation for that process by making our grenades Jolt targets.

This synergizes with our other Fragments and massively improves our Storm Grenade’s add-clear potential. The nade is already roaming, so triggering chain Jolts from that makes it a room-clearing machine.

  • Spark of Ions.

Spark of Ions is what makes Spark of Shock so powerful. With it, defeating Jolted targets create Ionic Traces. These Traces track to you and give you ability energy.

As a result, your grenade essentially refunds itself, while killing everything in its path. It’s a disgustingly strong combination that will keep your entire ability economy looking healthy.

  • Spark of Magnitude.

Spark of Magnitude is simply, yet remarkably valuable. It makes your grenades last longer. As I’ve hammered home, this build is all about our Storm Grenade, so something that increases its duration is an obvious pick.

This Fragment is arguably the difference between your Storm Grenades being great, and being exceptional. It adds far too much to this Destiny 2 Lightfall Arc Titan build to be skipped.

  • Spark of Resistance.

Unlike the other Fragments in this build, Spark of Resistance is optional. Consider this a flex slot, so use whatever you personally prefer.

For me, the damage resistance while surrounded from Resistance is powerful enough to justify its usage. We already lack defensive utility with this build, so I welcome anything that helps us stay alive for that little bit longer – especially now that Resilience has been nerfed.


Best Arc Titan Build For Destiny 2 Lightfall - Heart of Inmost Light.
Image via Bungie

You have two Exotic options for this build. Which one you use depends on one thing: how bad do you think the Heart of Inmost Light nerfs were?

If you think HOIL is dead in the water, then run Armamentarium. This Exotic chest piece simply lets you carry two grenades, meaning double the add-clearing fun.

That being said, I think that Heart of Inmost Light is still worth a short. Sure, its ability regen isn’t broken anymore, but with careful ability juggling – you’ll still be able to maintain a crazy uptime on your Storm Grenades.

If you’re not sure, throw HOIL on and run a few activities with it. If you find it too lackluster, go ahead and pop on an Armamentarium.

Weapon-wise, you’re free to run whatever you want. A Feeding Frenzy/Voltshot Ikelos SMG is the obvious choice – but it’s far from necessary to make this build work.

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