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Best Stasis Warlock Build in Destiny 2: Lightfall

It's OK to Stay Ranged!
Image Via Bungie

I can understand players who prefer to remain … at a distance. It may not be as exciting as tanking foes on the front lines, but it’s a safe option that allows for a bit of showing off. In the case of Destiny 2: Lightfall, those who prefer a distanced approach may want to consider the Stasis Warlock. As opposed to Hunters and Titans, Warlocks are exactly as the name suggests: magical ranged attackers.

In order to assist as many players as possible, we are going to detail the best Stasis Warlock build that you can use in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Best Build For Stasis Warlock in Destiny 2: Lightfall

It would seem that a lot of players are still interested in experimenting with Stasis. After all, it’s only been a couple of years since Destiny 2: Beyond Light, where Stasis was first introduced. It’s probably best to control your expectations; if you’re looking for melee / close range attacks, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. As stated earlier, Stasis Warlocks are predominantly ranged fighters.

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In any case, here’s what we’re calling the optimal build for Stasis Warlock in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

  • Sub-Class: Stasis
  • Super Ability: Winter’s Wrath
  • Grenade: Coldsnap Grenade
  • Stasis Aspects: Iceflare Bolts, Glacial Harvest
  • Stasis Fragments: Whisper of Torment, Whisper of Rending, Whisper of Rime
  • Exotic Weapon: Ager’s Scepter
  • Exotic Armor: Osmiomancy Gloves

We chose Ager’s Scepter and the Osmiomancy Gloves for their cooperation with Stasis-type players. To clarify — Ager’s Scepter features perks in the form of Ager’s Call and Rega’s Refrain, which both boost a player’s Stasis effect. Meanwhile, the Osmiomancy Gloves’ perk is Fervid Coldsnap, which works in conjunction with your Coldsnap Grenades to increase not only the charge, but also their distance.

Why is This the Best Build?

I personally believe that, if you’re going to commit to a ranged attacker, the customizable elements of your build should accommodate that. I discounted any element that involved melee attacks, prioritizing distanced spellcasting and grenades instead. This is also why we prioritized the Osmiomancy Gloves and their Fervid Coldsnap perk. If equipment and abilities can work in conjunction with each other, that would definitely increase the likelihood of success against increasing odds.

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