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Best 7 fire emblem engage mods

For those that want a better experience.
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Fire Emblem Engage has hit its stride with players, delivering a great set of gameplay mechanics as well as an engaging story (pun intended). And while this game may be great at its vanilla version, modders are working to make it even better. So, if you’re interested in knowing the best mods for Fire Emblem Engage, then we’ve got 7 of them right here!

Best 7 fire emblem engage mods

Lapis Midriff and Thighs

First on our list is a mod called Lapis Midriff and Thighs which does exactly what it sounds like; it’ll change Lapis’ look. It changes the look of her abs and thigh area to look more aesthetically pleasing for players.

Fire Emblem Re: Engage

The Re: Engage mod allows players to recruit Emblems in order to use them as playable units in fights. It includes custom growths for them, reclassing, and going on leisurely trips with them for a meal in Somniel.

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Default Anna Outfit for Warrior Class

If you’re looking to keep a specific visual aesthetic for Anna, then consider checking out the Default Anna Outfit for Warrior Class mod. This mod allows you to use Anna’s default look, even when taking her to the Warrior Class.

Dark Alear

If you liked Alear’s Dark version from the opening of the game, then go ahead and apply it to use indefinitely with the Dark Alear mod! Say goodbye to the default outfit!

Seven Rings In Hand Over Main Theme

Though Fire Emblem Engage’s opening title track is pretty cool, the Seven Rings In Hand Over Main Theme mod allows you to swap it for the theme from Sonic and The Secret Rings, making the game even better.

Add More Deployment Slots

A really cool mod that’s still in development is the Add More Deployment Slots which will allow players to, in fact, add more deployment slots in order to help with battles. This is definitely one to watch.

No Outlines

Another great mod in active development is the No Outlines mod which is aimed at totally removing the black stylistic outlines surrounding characters, giving the game a clearer and more pleasing look.

So, those are all of the 7 best mods that you can get right now for Fire Emblem Engage! Feel free to check out some of our other great guides as well, such as “Fire Emblem Engage – When to Promote Your Classes”. And be sure to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook for even more content!

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