Automatic Love is one of the main storyline jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 and is available after completing the Playing for Time job. In this mission, you will be trying to figure out what happens to Evelyn Parker, and the majority of the mission will take place at the Clouds club in Megabuilding H8. Early on in Automatic Love, you will be faced with a decision, whether to pick Angel or Skye at Clouds. We will cover the entire job in this guide, but if you just want the Angel or Skye Automatic Love Guide for Cyberpunk 2077, you can skip ahead

Meeting With Judy – Automatic Love

The job starts out with you meeting with Judy at Lizzie’s bar. 

After a short conversion, Judy will point you towards Clouds at Megabuilding H8, located in Japantown – Westbrook. Head over that way and take the elevator up to Clouds. 

Once you’re at Clouds, check-in with the receptionist. Jack into her terminal and she will give you a choice between two dolls, Angel or Skye.

Angel Or Skye Automatic Love

Picking between Angel or Skye at this point in the mission may seem like a pretty big decision, but it really isn’t. Both dialogues are essentially the same, the only difference being the room that you will go to and that Angel is a male doll while Skye is a female one. There are no intimate scenes here, so don’t get your hopes up. Choose either and the story will unfold the same way.

Automatic Love Angel Cyberpunk 2077

To proceed, you will have to deposit your weapons, do so, and head to your booth number, booth 6 for Angel and booth 9 for Skye. Once you start your dialogue with the doll, you have the option to say your safeword immediately, which will cut to the chase. The main dialogues with the dolls aren’t critical. They will both tell you to find a guy named Tom.

Getting inside the VIP Area

There are a few different ways to get into the VIP area. The primary method is to wait for the club member and the bouncer to stop arguing in front of the VIP entrance. Then follow the club member into the bathroom, take him down and loot his VIP token. You can use the VIP token to enter the VIP area. If you simply walk through the doors, you will trigger the enemies and have to fight your way through. 

Go and find Tom. He will direct you to Woodman. Head over to Woodman’s office and interrogate him. If you started combat earlier, you would have to fight Woodman right away. You can entice him to fight through the dialogue as well. He can easily be beaten if you have some Gorilla Arms cyberware equipped. If you ended up fighting Woodman, you would have to get the information about Evelyn Parker off his computer. Make sure to read the “Broken Doll” message on the computer. Lastly, all you need to do is Leave Clouds and collect your weapons. 

That’s it for the Angel or Skye Automatic Love guide for Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, choosing Angel or Skye in Automatic Love makes very little to no difference to the job or the main storyline. Also, although she is part of this job, Automatic Love is technically not part of Judy’s romance path. So you can’t mess much up if you are trying to romance her.