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How to Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077

There are several characters you can romance in Cyberpunk 2077, if you’re looking to get a little more intimate. One of those characters is Judy Alvarez, a female braindance specialist for the Moxes who appears in a few main story quests. If you play your cards right, you can unlock a special scene between V and Judy. There are a few pre-requisites, though. Here’s how to romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077.

First, it’s important to note that Judy Alvarez only likes female V, so you won’t be able to do this if you’re playing as a male. You can still complete all of Judy’s quests like normal as male V, but you won’t be able to romance her. Some basic things to keep in mind are always pick up her phone calls and flirt with her whenever possible.

How to Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077

There are five main quests for Judy Alvarez that you’ll need to complete correctly to romance her. The quests are as follows:

  • Both Sides, Now
  • Ex-factor
  • Talkin’ bout a Revolution
  • Pisces
  • Pyramid Song

Both Sides, Now

The first of Judy’s quests you’ll complete is a side job called Both Sides, Now. Eventually, you will get here by playing through the story, soon after meeting her at her suite behind Lizzie’s bar. There are no critical dialogue options here, so don’t worry about choosing the right ones.


In a few days, Judy will contact you again via text message. Send a reply and wait for her to ring you up. Tell her you will help her out to begin the quest. Again, it doesn’t matter which dialogue options you choose or how you complete this one.

Talkin’ bout a Revolution

There are a few dialogue options to pay attention to in the side job Talkin’ bout a Revolution. It activates a couple of days after the previous quest. You can wait 24 hours or skip ahead a day after receiving the text to get started.

When you get to Judy’s apartment and she showcases her chip and outlines the plan, tell her, “you can count on me.” Next, Judy says the stuff she’s asking you to do for her usually comes with a price tag. You should select “Out of the question.”

After standing up, you’ll have an episode and Judy will ask if you’re sick. Tell her, “Forget about it. It’s passed.” She’ll then ask if you want to stay and sleep it off. Tell her, “sure, thanks.” You’ll pass out on Judy’s couch and wake up to a text from her along with some delicious breakfast she made for you.

How to Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077 - Talkin bout a revolution


The next side job is a quest called Pisces, and begins a few days after the previous one. Judy likes to begin all of these by text, so make sure to text her back to start the quest activation. There is a critical dialogue option in this chain, so pay attention.

When you arrive at the penthouse, ask Judy, “we goin’ in?” She’ll respond by saying let’s do this, and then you can take the elevator to the maintenance level.

When you get into the penthouse and speak with Maiko, tell her “let’s do this.” Ask her, “who are the other two?” After she explains, select “Do my best. Jack them out.” When the bosses wake up, say “Hold on. I think you’ve gone too far.” Next, select “[Draw Weapon] Let’s cut to the chase.”

You can then kill the gang bosses in any way you like. Speak with Maiko and tell her, “you tried to cheat us all,” and then kill her. It’s important you do not accept Maiko’s payment, or it will likely ruin your chance at romancing Judy Alvarez. Head for the elevator and exit the building. You can tell Judy you’re sorry, after asking what happened in there.

Pyramid Song

The last quest in the chain is the important one where the romance scene occurs. It takes a few days for Pyramid Song to become active, so skip a few days wander Night City, and complete a few side jobs. Judy will call you eventually.

Judy invites you to come diving at a dam past Rancho Coronado, and you should accept her offer. You can always activate the quest later if you are in the middle of something. Meet her at the location in the early evening. Tell Judy you’re in. After the excursion, accept Judy’s invite to spend the night. 

The critical dialogue to pick here is, “[Stand] Why not.” Picking “bad idea” will skip the scene, so don’t choose that one. When you’re in the bathroom with Judy, kiss her when the option presents itself. She’ll lead you to the bed, which activates the romance scene.

Finally, you can speak with Judy in the morning and tell her last night was the beginning of something amazing. Doing so begins a relationship with her and opens up some more dialogue options for one of the final main story quests.

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