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All Weapons in Evil West and How to Use Them

Let's get to combat!
Evil West Pistol
Image via Flying Wild Hog

If you’ve been playing the recently released vampire-hunting western title, Evil West, then you’ve been really getting your hands dirty against the undead as you make your way through the hefty campaign. But if you’re wondering just how big your arsenal is going to become by the end of the game, then we’ve got you covered, as we know all of the weapons in Evil West and can explain how to use them! So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

All Weapons in Evil West and How to Use Them

Evil West Rifle
Image via Flying Wild Hog

There are a total of 9 different weapons that you can unlock and eventually upgrade in-game by using the Bucks that you’ve collected across the campaign’s many, many levels. Now, let’s get into the 9 weapons and how they’ll be utilized.

  • Pistol – This is the weapon of choice in-game as it’s quick and efficient. You can single-shot with it or hold the firing button to shoot flurries of bullets.
  • Rifle – This weapon is perfect for long-range and hitting enemies in their weak points.
  • Boomstick – If you’re needing to hit enemies hard at point-blank, then the Boomstick is perfect. It’s also great for breaking enemy shields too. Though it has to be charged to use it.
  • Gatling – This weapon is by far the best to take out swaths of enemies, but has a slow cooldown.
  • Scorcher – If you’re in the vampire scorching department, then the Scorcher is right up your alley. Though this is better served to destroy environmental obstacles.

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  • Gauntlet – The go-to for melee combat, there’s almost nothing that this thing isn’t capable of it seems. You can hit enemies with quick attacks, heavy attacks that send them into the air, and then cannonball them into environmental hazards to kill them.
  • Zapper – The Zapper is a weapon that can be used as a shield, a stunner for enemies, and can even teleport you and turn you into a sort of electric god with great attacks when fully charged.
  • X-Bow – The X-Bow is another great tool for long-range, though its single yet impactful shot makes it a slower choice than the Rifle.
  • Explosive Bundles – If you want to blow up some enemies, then the Explosive Bundles are great for you as a throwable lethal.
  • Agent Tools (Crippling Rod) – The Crippling Rod is another fantastic melee weapon that you can use to stun enemies, leaving them defenseless so that you can just smack them around with it afterward.

So, those are all of the weapons in Evil West and how to use them! Be sure to check out some of our other great Evil West guides too, such as “How Perks and Leveling-Up Work in Evil West”.

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