All Special Weapons and Amulets in Lies of P – What to Choose for NG and NG+

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King of Puppets in Lies of P
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The difficulty of Lies of P is a real problem that many players are facing. Whether you are trying to complete the game with the friendly white-haired Specter by your side or are attempting the unimaginable as a Lies of P legend beating the game on your lonesome, the difficulty is only the beginning.

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Just around the corner after witnessing the credits, New Game+ awaits you with even more unforgiving terrains, harder boss fights but even greater rewards…and something to put on your CV. Those up for the challenge will likely be planning their Build from the start. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on unlocking each Special Weapon and Amulet and what to use for New Game and New Game+ in Lies of P.

How to Unlock All Special Weapons and Special Amulets in Lies of P?

Special Weapons and Amulets can be obtained through the Bosses you defeat in Lies of P. However, you cannot simply pick these up as dropped loot after killing the Main Story Bosses. Instead, you need to use their Ergo you picked up off their corpse. Whilst it can look inviting to consume these giant bundles of Ergo (5,000+) throughout your journey, holding back on that urge will give you an advantage in the future.

Those who want unique and powerful Weapons/ Amulets in Lies of P will need to find Alidoro the Hound (located after the elevator in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library). Moving Alidoro back to Hotel Krat will open his shop where you can trade Boss Ergos for their Special Weapon or Amulet.

Every Boss Ergo offers either a Special Weapon or a Special Amulet for you to pick up. Keep in mind that you can only have one per Ergo, and once the trade is complete, the other option will be crossed out. These are all Special Weapons and Special Amulets you can unlock in Lies of P:

Boss’s ErgoBoss NameSpecial WeaponSpecial Amulet
Parade Leader’s ErgoParade MasterSeven-Coil Spring SwordDancing One’s Amulet
Broken Hero’s ErgoScrapped WatchmanEtiquetteExtreme Modification Amulet
King’s Flame ErgoKing’s Flame, FuocoHoly Sword of the ArkConquering Amulet
Twisted Angel’s ErgoFallen Archbishop Andreus Trident of the CovenantNameless One’s Amulet
Burnt-White King’s ErgoRomeo, King of PuppetsPuppet RipperTriumvirate Amulet
Reborn Champion’s ErgoChampion VictorFrozen FeastArm Of God Amulet
Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s ErgoGreen Monster of the SwampTwo Dragons SwordGhost Walk Amulet
Sad Zealot’s ErgoLaxasia The CompleteUroboros’s EyeImpregnable Fortress Amulet
Fallen One’s ErgoSimon ManusNoblesse ObligeAwakened God’s Amulet
Nameless Puppet’s ErgoNameless PuppetProof of HumanityPiercing Hatred Amulet
Portrait of a BoyPinocchioGolden Lie

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Best Special Weapons and Amulets

As Special Weapons cannot be dissembled to create a new Weapon hybrid, you will want to find something that suits your Build based on either Motivity, Technique, or Advance. Special Weapons can be upgraded with Moonstones and Ergo via Eugenie’s Workshop back in Hotel Krat.

For Motivity players, we recommend the Special Weapons – Frozen Feast and Noblesse Oblige, with Special Amulets – Impregnable Fortress and Conquering. For Technique, we recommend these Special Weapons – Puppet Ripper, Trident of the Covenant, and Two Dragons Sword, with Special Amulets – Extreme Modifications, Dancing One’s, Piercing Hatred, and Awakened God’s. Finally, Nameless One’s Amulet is essential for all Builds in all playthroughs of Lies of P.

Below, we will outline why these are our recommendations to use for both New Game and New Game+. We hope this provides some insight into how you can play through Lies of P in your playthroughs of the game.

New Game Recommendations for Motivity and Technique Builds

For first-timers, most of the best Amulets and Special Weapons can be obtained towards the end of the game or actually within the final Chapter. Because of this, aiming for the absolute best is completely unnecessary, as this will be something to look forward to using in your next playthrough. Instead, you should focus on the here and now and what can improve your Build.

Lies of P’s gameplay is centered around the Guard mechanic; however, this does not mean that you must rely solely on this. Similar to Dark Souls, putting your all into Vitality is not the best route to go down, and whilst this offers a higher Guard Regain (health regeneration after blocking an attack). Because of this, you may find yourself succumbing to death far too often as you are trying to block all of the time and hit that perfect parrying window. However, this is not the correct way to play the game. Instead, you need a more hybrid play that focuses on both defense (blocking) and offensive positioning (rolling). Master each Boss’s moves, and when it calls for it, either block or roll to deal with the incoming attack.

With those tips out of the way, we will get into the best Special Weapons and Special Amulets to use in your first playthrough of Lies of P. These will be determined by your Build (Technique or Motivity). Advance may come into play also, but this guide looks at the best to use for the two primary Builds used in Souls-likes – Dexterity and Strength. These are our Special Weapon and Amulet recommendations for Motivity and Technique Builds for those playing Lies of P for the first time:

  • Frozen Feast (Motivity)
  • Impregnable Fortress Amulet (Motivity) – Upon a successful Guard, Weapon Durability is not consumed.
  • Conquering Amulet (Motivity) – Upon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by weapon attack.
  • Puppet Ripper (Technique)
  • Trident of the Covenant (Technique)
  • Extreme Modifications (Technique) – Increases Weapon ATK in proportion to a number of Fable slots.
  • Dancing One’s Amulet (Technique) – Enables dodging even with low Stamina.
  • Nameless One’s Amulet (All Builds) – Has a chance of none being consumed when using Pulse Cells.

For those looking for a full guide to these Builds, feel free to look at our Technique Build recommendation here. In summary, however, many of these Special Weapons and Amulets can be picked up around the halfway point in Lies of P. Some are also transferrable into the New Game+, which we will get more into below. For now, however, you may note that some of our recommendations cancel one another out. For example, you cannot run both the Nameless One’s Amulet and Trident of the Covenant together as they are both traded for the Archbishop’s Ergo. When choosing between the two, however, the Nameless One is incredibly underrated as an Amulet and we highly recommend it for Main Boss fights as it offers a great chance that a Pulse Cell is not activated when you heal (saving you a Cell Charge).

When it comes to Technique, I have found great success with the Puppet Ripper in combination with the Dancing One’s Amulet. The Puppet Ripper has a wider range of attacks that allow you to evade moves rather than focus on hitting that perfect guard. As this Build focuses more on dodge rolls rather than guarding, the Nameless One will keep you alive for far longer as dodging is made available even when your stamina runs out. For Motivity, something like the Frozen Feast with Impregnable Fortress Amulet and Conquering Amulet are great for those perfecting their blocks and have high guard regain.

New Game+ Recommendations

When New Game+ arrives, you will have kept all of your Equipment to take with you through your journeys across Krat again. The difficulty in the Boss fights has been raised this time round (if you can even believe that it can get harder). Because of this, you will need to have perfected your Build, move set, and upgraded your chosen Weapons as much as humanly possible. Many of these Special Weapons that you will likely switch to will require work, time, and patience to master their playstyle. Things to take into account are whether your chosen Special Weapons requires more perfect guards or dodge rolls implemented in its move set.

These are our top recommendations for New Game+ in Lies of P:

  • Frozen Feast (Motivity)
  • Noblesse Oblige (Motivity)
  • Impregnable Fortress Amulet (Motivity) – Upon a successful Guard, Weapon Durability is not consumed.
  • Conquering Amulet (Motivity) – Upon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by weapon attack.
  • Two Dragons Sword (Technique)
  • Piercing Hatred Amulet (Technique) – Immunity to all attribute status ailments.
  • Awakened God’s Amulet (Technique) – Increases Fable Arts damage inflicted on a Staggered enemy.
  • Nameless One’s Amulet (All Builds) – Has a chance of none being consumed when using Pulse Cells.

Whilst all Special Weapons and Amulets detailed above are incredibly useful for New Game+, some can just complete your Build as you head into the next painful Boss run in Lies of P. We recommend Amulets that buff your guard with increased attacks and staggering chances (Impregnable and Conquering) if you have a Motivity Build. Speed and stamina are crucial for Technique where blocking may be out of the question.

Use a combination like Piercing Hatred Amulet and Dancing One’s Amulet. These Amulets may be overlooked for their lack of power, but they have massive advantages in a fight where being constantly on your toes is essential to your survival. Removing all status effects and being able to dodge constantly allows Technique players to stay close to the Boss at all times.

That was our full guide on Special Weapons and Amulets in Lies of P. For more content on this Souls-like, feel free to look at our All Stargazer Locations in Lies of P and Best Locations to Farm Star Fragments in Lies of P. For more from Gamer Journalist, be sure to follow our Facebook page. Thank you for reading this guide.

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