Remnant 2 – How to Get to Dormant N’Erudian Facility

You'll find yourself in the side dungeon....eventually.
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N’Erud is one of the many worlds players will come across while playing Remnant 2. A biome that doubles as a construct sitting below a black hole, you can find a lot of interesting dungeons. Each one capable of housing it’s own secrets and items. And the Dormant N’Erudian Facility is no exception. A side dungeon on N’Erud, players will need all their wits about them if they’re going to clear this area. So let’s insert the key and take a look at Remnant 2 – how to get to Dormant N’Erudian Facility.

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Remnant 2 – How to Get to Dormant N’Erudian Facility

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There are a total of 18 locations within N’Erud, and the Dormant N’Erudian Facility is one of the more peculiar ones. Upon entering this dungeon, players will be told that hostile lifeforms are located within the facility. They will then be given a timer of 6 minutes to eliminate all the enemies within the area. A task that can be quite difficult depending on your difficulty and number of players in the party. Sadly, not everyone will be able to experience the facility on their first playthrough.

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As with most dungeons and areas in Remnant 2, the Dormant N’Erudian Facility is a randomized dungeon. Meaning, you could find yourself on N’Erud and the dungeon might be anywhere in sight. If that’s the case, you may have to re-roll your campaign or start a new character entirely. Something that may not sound like a good idea, but adds replayability to the overall game. As many players can go through an entire playthrough and still miss a ton of content. That’s why we recommend at least 2-3 playthroughs of Remnant 2’s campaign, in order to get the full scope of the game. And of course, to find all the secrets and side dungeons.

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