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All Free Fuel Locations in Bear and Breakfast

Why does fuel always run out so fast??
Pinefall Fuel Location in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

No one can deny Bear and Breakfast’s addictive qualities, but one of the most frustrating things about the game is the speed at which you run out of fuel. Fuel may be everywhere in the game, but the rate at which your heaters and your stoves guzzle it, it may as well be nowhere! You can always buy more fuel from Ipswitch’s Wholesale and Jax’s Burnables, but that can get really expensive after a while, especially if you have a lot of properties that require fuel in one way or another. The only cheap way to get loads of fuel in Bear and Breakfast is by collecting it from fuel spawns throughout the map. Rather than wandering aimlessly through every map location, desperately hoping to stumble across some free fuel, use this guide to discover all free fuel locations in Bear and Breakfast!

All Free Fuel Locations in Bear and Breakfast

Some areas have multiple fuel containers, while others only have one. Figuring out which locations have the most fuel containers can help you maximize your fuel-gathering potential! Fuel respawns every 24 hours in Bear and Breakfast, so if you make your way around the map once a day to collect every free fuel container, you’ll have stacks of fuel in no time! Here’s all the current free fuel locations in Bear and Breakfast:


Pinefall has 4 fuel containers, which you can find by looking in these locations:

  • Outside on the top left side of Barbara’s house, leaning against her wall.
  • Directly beneath the bus station, just a few feet below it.
  • Behind the Quaint Gardening Shake attraction, in the bottom left corner of the map.
  • Right next to the Big Tractor attraction, a few yards from the bus station.

Whitestone Bay

Whitestone Bay has 3 fuel containers, which you can find by looking in these locations:

  • Directly beneath the bus stations, just a couple of feet away from it.
  • To the right of the old bumper cars, beneath the small kiosk building.
  • At the top of the giant rock formation, at the base of the old lighthouse.


Highlake has only one fuel container, which you can find by looking in this location:

  • On the dirt trail leading into the resort, just a few feet below the bus station.


Winterberry only has one fuel container, which is odd because the Ski Resort in this location arguably guzzles more fuel than any other resort in the game. You can find Winterberry’s fuel container by looking in this location:

  • Along the road leading into the location, a couple of feet to the side of the bus station.

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Those are all of the current fuel locations in Bear and Breakfast, although more may be added later on, so bookmark this page just in case! Bear and Breakfast is already undergoing some updates to make certain resources easier to obtain in the game (like iron nails!), so fuel containers may become more common. Be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s other guides for Bear and Breakfast if you ever find yourself stuck in the game!

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