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Is Evil West Crossplay/Crossplatform? Answered

Let us kill undead, together.
Image Via Flying Wild Hog

Getting to get rid of undead, vampiristic and monstrous enemies while being a cowboy sounds awesome. Being able to do it with friends, is just magnificent. Evil West is, according to the developers, a “visceral, explosive combat” filled game with gore, myths retold and a lot of exploration in this story-driven game made by the folks at Flying Wild Hog. Furthermore, the inclusion of an online co-op mode that enables two players to meet during a part of the journey or even complete all the missions in the game, is quite appreciated. But, have the developers implemented the Holy Grail of online experience? Is Evil West crossplay or crossplatform? Read on and find out.

Is Evil West Crossplay/Crossplatform?

Unfortunately, while Evil West features the awesome feature of having an online co-op campaign, there is no support for any kind of crossplay or crossplatform multiplayer or co-op. That is a bummer, because it would have been the ultimate online experience and would have been a perfect goal for Flying Wild Hog. Well, no pigs have learned to fly in this case. However, the implementation of a full co-op campaign is something that sells the game quite well, so I would suggest giving this game a try. It really looks like a future classic.

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Time will tell if any crossplay functionality will be available in the future. For the meantime, be ready to destroy that undead vermin with a friend, as long as you both have the same platform to do it.

Evil West is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. If you like shooter games, be sure to check out Top 15 First Person Shooters to Play on Quest 2 VR and Top 5 Best Western & Cowboy Video Games (2022).

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