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All Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations in Hi-Fi Rush

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Collectibles in games are not collected just for the bragging rights. Some of them will help you unlock new content in-game, maybe a couple of cosmetics, maybe a new level (thinking about the notes in Banjo Kazooie). Most of the time, however, these collectibles are used to upgrade your character up to the top tier. This is the case of the Broken Armstrong Circuits, which allows you to craft chips that will help you become more powerful while boosting your stats. Keep the rhythm now, my friend, because here are all the Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations in Hi-Fi Rush.

Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations – Track 1

Broken Armstrong CircuitLocation
1*After Smidge teaches you about dodging, go to the left up the platform. Look up and break the shield that blocks the grapple point. You will find the HR Investigator. He will reward you with the circuit.
2*After Smidge talks about enemy rhythm sync, jumpup to the platform behind. You will see a red container on a level below. Go there and move to the left to find a door to the SPECTRA Challenge Room. If you complete it, your reward will be a circuit.
3*Use Macaron to destroy a locked gate, located in the zone after the waste disposal factory. Use Korsica to unlock the platform timed-challenge. You will find the circuit inside a treasure chest, on top of the challenge.
4*On the top level on the left, right in the QA Check room. Use Korsica to get rid of the fire blocking the door. Go up and to the left of the platform you will find the circuit.

*: Unlocked after beating the game.

Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations – Track 2

Broken Armstrong CircuitLocation
1*Locked behind a door in the Production Room. You can bust it open by using Macaron.
2*Found in the rails on top of the Production Room. Jump into the moving crates and head backwards to find the circuit.
3*After doing the second rhythm jump, you will find a door locked with fire. Use Korsica to disable it and you will find the circuit inside the treasure chest.

*: Unlocked after beating the game.

Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations – Track 3

Broken Armstrong CircuitLocation
1After clearing the first giant rock by using Peppermint, make your way down to the large gearboxes. The circuit is placed on top of a ledge.
2Found left to the zip line. Easily located after Chai and Peppermint talk and then use the three magnets.
3After defeating the bike riding robot, make your way up the ramp to the next main objective. Turn left and head to the boxes and barrels. Smash them to discover the next circuit.
4Near the R&D Department. Turn left and head down the ramp. You will see a vending machine with some rock pillars behind it. There is another rock nearby. The circuit is behind that rock.
5Next to the R&D Department entrance, you will find it behind a glass wall to the left. It is placed on top of a platform.
6After completing the parry tutorial, you will be able to find it. Go to the top of the gift basket and turn left, up the stairs, and through the door.

Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations – Track 4

Broken Armstrong CircuitLocation
1Found after breaking through the first door with Macaron. Go through the door and turn left. You will find the circuit on that room.
2After punching the rock out of the way in the lava room, go ahead and go to the left, you will see some disappearing rocks being propelled up by some lava. Time your jump and head to the platform above to find the circuit.
3Grapple to the top of the center structure of the lava room. You will spot the circuit before arriving. The circuit is behind the orange container just to the left.
4Located in the room where you talk to PGR-0101, on top of the bunk bed in the corner.
5On the opposite side from where you find the second graffiti in the game (in the platform where you use a propelled rock to get there). Head down to the lava level, and you will see a circuit on top of a rock formation.
6After grappling two times straight and arriving at the platform with a breakable door, turn around and you will see the circuit. Jump the platforms and collect it.

Broken Armstrong Circuit Locations – Track 5

Broken Armstrong CircuitLocation
1After leaving the lower control room, head to the right, and you will find a graffiti on the floor. From there, jump on the moving platforms to the left, and you will find a circuit lying on a platform below.
2Hop on a moving platform and wait for it to take you to the outside of some elevators. You will find the circuit lying there.
3On top of the middle structure you will find a Vlog, a Drone Package and the third circuit on the rails above.
4Just after going up the disappearing platforms and going through a door to the main room, turn left, and you will see the circuit next to some crates.
5In Node Chamber 1, in the second level, there is a platform behind the node lying on the ground. The circuit can be found lying over there.
6After completing the Node Chamber 1, head down the hatch and enter the 2D platforming section of the level. Reach the end of the hallway and before jumping down, jump to the open hatch on the left, and you will find a room with the circuit and the HR Investigator.
7Go all the way up at Node Chamber 3 and behind the node lying on the floor you will find the circuit.
8*Use Korsica to unlock a platform timed challenge. The circuit can be found at the end of the challenge.

*: Unlocked after beating the game.

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To be continued…

We will keep updating this list as soon as new Broken Armstrong Circuits are discovered throughout the game. Be sure to keep an eye for them while you are traversing through the 10 tracks that the game has to offer. Good luck and keep the beat!

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