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Worst Overall Players in Madden 23

Steer clear of this group!!!
Madden nfl 23 screenshot of dolphins tyreek hill juking out defender
Image via EA Tiburon

In previous guides, we’ve touched on which players you should target in Madden 23. Including a list of the best overall quarterbacks or the fastest players in the game. However, just as important as knowing who the best players are is knowing who the worst players are. This way you can be sure to avoid them at all costs.

Here is everything you need to know about the worst overall players in Madden 23.

Worst Overall Players in Madden 23

Before we dive into our list, it’s probably obvious by now that the majority of these players won’t be relevant to you. Chances are, you haven’t even heard of them. That being said, at least being aware of these players will ensure that you’re setting your sights higher than a lowly bottom feeder in Madden 23.

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Without further ado, here are the worst overall players in Madden 23;

  1. Zach Wood, TE (25), New Orleans Saints
  2. Matthew Orzech, TE (25), Los Angeles Rams
  3. Joe Cardona, TE (25), New England Patriots
  4. Zach Triner, TE (26), Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  5. Ross Matiscik, TE (26), Jacksonville Jaguars
  6. Taybor Pepper, TE (27), San Francisco 49ers
  7. Luke Rhodes, TE (27), Indianapolis Colts
  8. Jon Weeks, TE (28), Houston Texans
  9. Scott Daly, TE (29), Detroit Lions
  10. Morgan Cox, TE (29), Tennessee Titans
  11. Blake Ferguson, TE (29), Miami Dolphins
  12. Thomas Hennessy, TE (31), New York Jets
  13. Rick Lovato, TE (31), Philadelphia Eagles
  14. Patrick Scales, TE (31), Chicago Bears
  15. Liam McCullough, TE (31), Atlanta Falcons
  16. James Winchester, TE (31), Kansas City Chiefs
  17. Casey Kreiter, TE (31), New York Giants
  18. Jacob Bobenmoyer, TE (32), Denver Broncos
  19. Aaron Brewer, TE (32), Arizona Cardinals
  20. Trent Sieg, TE (33), Las Vegas Raiders
  21. Cameron Cheeseman, TE (33), Washington Commanders
  22. Tyler Ott, TE (34), Seattle Seahawks
  23. Steven Wirtel, TE (34), Green Bay Packers
  24. Jake McQuaide, TE (34), Dallas Cowboys
  25. Jack Coco, TE (34), Green Bay Packers
  26. Beau Brinkley, TE (34), Atlanta Falcons
  27. Thomas Fletcher, TE (35), Carolina Panthers
  28. Reid Ferguson, TE (35), Buffalo Bills
  29. Nick Moore, TE (36), Baltimore Ravens
  30. J.J. Jansen, TE (36), Carolina Panthers
  31. Clark Harris, TE (42), Cincinnati Bengals
  32. Josh Harris, TE (43), Los Angeles Chargers
  33. Danny Etling, QB (48), Green Bay Packers
  34. Andrew DePaola, TE (48), Minnesota Vikings
  35. Nathan Peterman, QB (49), Chicago Bears
  36. Jon Toth, C (49), Washington Commanders
  37. Reid Sinnett, QB (50), Philadelphia Eagles
  38. Dakoda Shepley, C (50) Seattle Seahawks
  39. Timon Parris, RT (51), Minnesota Vikings
  40. Ryan McCollum, C (51), Detroit Lions
  41. Logan Woodside, QB (51), Tennessee Titans
  42. Alex Taylor, RT (51), Cleveland Browns
  43. Wyatt Miller, RT (52), Carolina Panthers
  44. Shane Buechele, QB (52), Kansas City Chiefs
  45. Sean Mannion, QB (52), Minnesota Vikings
  46. Parker Hesse, TE (52), Atlanta Falcons
  47. Eric Smith, RT (52), Arizona Cardinals
  48. Davis Webb, QB (52), New York Giants
  49. Ben Braden, RG (52), Denver Broncos
  50. Dan Skipper, RT (53), Detroit Lions

That’s everything you need to know about the worst overall players in Madden 23. If you’re interested in more Madden content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to lateral pass in Madden 23 or the best defensive playbooks in Madden 23.

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