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World of Stands Codes (October 2023)

Become the greatest Stand yielding master with the help of these codes!
world of stands cover
Screenshot via SpicyWater

Last checked: October 2, 2023

We searched for the newest codes today!

If you adore JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as much as we do, you’ll fall in love with SpicyWater’s World of Stands on the Roblox platform. Manifest your inner strength as you explore the land, gain stand abilities, and level up your character! To better your experience in the game, we have provided the latest codes in the lists below. These codes provide resources that help your progress and improve your character,  such as Stands and Arrows.

All World of Stands Codes List

World of Stands Codes (Working)

Codes must be entered exactly as they appear in the list to work properly. Note: You must be at least level 10 to claim codes in the game!

  • 195K — Unlocks: Arrows and Roka (New, must be level 20+)
  • 100M — Unlocks: Arrows and Roka (New, must be level 10+)

World of Stands Codes (Expired)

  • 190K — Unlocks: Arrows and Roka (New, must be level 15+)
  • IMSPECIAL — Unlocks: Arrows and Roka (Must be level 15+)
  • WOSSUMMER — Unlocks: Arrows and Roka
  • WOSLOVESYOU — Unlocks: Stand Arrows, Locacacas, and a Super Shiny Arrow (New, must be level 15+)
  • TWIT20K — Unlocks: 2 Shiny Arrows, 2 Legendary Arrows, 1 Locaca Fruit (New, must be level 10+)
  • HAVEPITY — Unlocks: Arrows and Roka (New, must be level 20+)
  • EASTER2023 — Redeem for rewards (New, must be level 15+)
  • PASSIONE — Unlock: free rewards (New, must be level 20+)
  • SHINYENJOYER — Unlock: free rewards (New, must be level 15+)
  • NIIICE — Unlocks: 2 Roka
  • TIKTOK30 — Unlocks: 2 Shiny Arrows, 4 Stand Arrows, and 6 Roka
  • THX4WAITING — Unlocks: Legendary Arrow, Shiny Arrow, and 2 Roka
  • 100KDISC — Unlocks: 1x Legendary Arrow (requires level 20 to redeem) 
  • SHINYPLS — Unlocks: 3x Rokas and 3x Shiny Arrows (requires level 10 to redeem) 
  • WOSRELEASE1 — Unlocks: 1x Shiny Arrow
  • REDEMPTION — Unlocks: Free Stand

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How to Redeem Codes in World of Stands

Below explains how to redeem codes in World of Stands.

world of stands codes
Screenshot via GamesAdda
  1. Launch World of Stands on Roblox.
  2. Press the Menu Button.
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Enter your code in the text box.
  5. Click Redeem.  

World of Stands Discord, Twitter, and more rewards

As with most popular Roblox Games, World of Stands developer SpicyWater has an official Twitter where they update their fans with the latest news, development progress, and codes for the game. Players can also interact with the community via the game’s official Discord to get helpful tips for the game and to follow any active events that might get them in-game rewards.

If you want to boost your progress and stats, be sure to complete the featured quests in the game. Playing the game as you normally would will get you resources, but if you complete tasks assigned by NPCs or open chests littered throughout the world, you’ll receive even more substantial rewards!

If you can’t get enough of JoJo-themed Roblox games, check out Roblox JoJo: Crusader’s Heaven Codes (January 2023). Are you a fan of All-Star Battle R too? Then you may also like All Characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R! Remember to come back and visit Gamer Journalist for the latest gaming updates. 

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