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Will Zenless Zone Zero Be On Consoles?

Will we be able to explore New Eridu on PlayStation or Switch?
Zenless Zone Zero
Image via HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero is the next game from Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse. It was announced on May 13, and at the time of writing, sign-ups for the closed beta are now underway. It’s an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic city — New Eridu — and players will step into the shoes of a professional demon-dimension explorer.

According to HoYoverse:

This is a dangerous world under constant threat from the mysterious calamities known as the “Hollows,” where the old civilization has been destroyed and world order lays in ruins. Fortunately, one city is still capable of dealing with the calamities: New Eridu. A diverse group of people, each with their various reasons and beliefs gather here to challenge the Hollows. And you, are their indispensable accomplice who guides them out of the Hollows, their “Proxy.” This is your story.

Zenless Zone Zero plot synopsis, via HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero seems to draw inspiration from other gritty, urban, anime-fueled fever dreams such as Persona 5 and The World Ends With You. Its first — and only, as of writing — character has been revealed to be a member of Gentle House, also known as the Cunning Hares, Anby Demara. Not much else is known about the game, but do we yet know what platforms it’ll be on at launch?

Will Zenless Zone Zero Be On Consoles?

It is not clear as of writing if Zenless Zone Zero will be on consoles, though it’s been confirmed on PC and iOS. There has been no indication if it’ll be available for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or Android. But, if the game is anything like its older sibling, it’s bound to make its way to other platforms in due time.

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