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Will the Flood be in Halo Infinite?

Will the Flood be in Halo Infinite?
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If you’ve played the original Halo or read its novel adaptation, you’re already intimately familiar with the Flood, a race of parasitic life forms that can assimilate just about any kind of biological life in the galaxy, transforming them into murderous combatants. The Flood are a recurring threat in the Halo series, popping up on the various Halo rings throughout the galaxy thanks to experiments conducted by the Forerunners. They were supposed to have been annihilated at the end of Halo 3, but you know how it is with sequels. So, will the Flood be in Halo Infinite?

Will the Flood be in Halo Infinite?

Currently, we don’t have a concrete answer on that. From what we’ve seen of the setting’s various factions in promotional materials, the conflict seems to be primarily between the UNSC, a splinter group of the Covenant, and another splinter group of the Covenant identified separately as the Banished. If the Flood are set to play a part in this story, we aren’t aware of how or when just yet.

However, we do have two reasons to suspect that the Flood will make an appearance in Halo Infinite. Back in March, eagle-eared players uncovered a particular sound byte in a blog post made by one of the game’s developers. The sound was a distinctive gurgling, roaring noise, eerily similar to the chittering sounds typically emitted from a Flood infection form. If that sound wasn’t the Flood, it’s some kind of other unspeakable monster.

The second reason is a lore reason. The setting for Halo Infinite is a Halo ring designated as Zeta Halo. According to background information, Zeta Halo was primarily employed as a testing ground by the Forerunners for studying the Flood parasites and their abilities. Based on what we’ve seen of the Forerunners’ practices in previous games, it’s probably a safe bet that at least one of them left their homework unfinished, if you catch my drift.

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