How to Dominate in Halo 3 Multiplayer

On July 14th, Halo 3 finally dropped on PC. Now, players are returning in droves to the nostalgia of the iconic game’s multiplayer mode. However, you may be starting to realize that you’ve lost a step or two since you’ve last played Halo 3 competitively.

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If that’s the case, this Halo 3 multiplayer guide is exactly what you need. Continue reading for some helpful tips on what it takes to dominate the competition.

Relearn Halo 3’s Maps

The first thing you need to do to increase your Halo 3 win-rate is to relearn the game’s maps. Doing this is important for a few key reasons. First, it will give you a better sense of where you should engage the enemy and where you can retreat to for cover. Second, it will also help you memorize the location of power weapons.

Power weapons are extremely important in Halo 3 multiplayer. They include the Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle. These are called power weapons because of their potential to one-shot enemy combatants.

A key to securing wins in Halo 3 multiplayer is securing power weapons throughout the match. By learning where they spawn, you can begin working to control that territory. Do this successfully, and you’ll give your team an excellent chance of winning the game.

Learn to Communicate

Communicating with teammates isn’t something we always want to do. However, it’s a crucial component of dominating opposing teams. If you aren’t communicating with your teammates, you won’t be able to tell them where enemy players are located or what weapons they have. This can lead to your teammates walking into losing situations repeatedly and ultimately cost your team the match.

Focusing on your communication can solve this issue. You can also begin incorporating tactics into your gameplay that separate your team from the other. Being able to execute even simple flanks and ambushes can dramatically increase your chances of winning the match.

Use Vehicles to Your Advantage

Vehicles are another tool you can use to dominate the competition in Halo 3. There are two main strategies you should focus on using them for. First, you can get the whole team together in a vehicle like a warthog. Doing this will allow you to move through the map quickly, eliminating the competition all while keeping yourself secure.

Additionally, you can use vehicles to distract the enemy team. By acting as a sort of martyr, you can draw the enemy’s attention while your teammates creep into optimal position to finish the fight in your side’s favor. If your team has lost control of important power weapon territory, creating a distraction like this could be just what you need to win that territory back from the enemy.

Work on Your Movement

The time-to-kill in Halo 3 is relatively higher than other FPS titles. That means movement is even more critical in Halo since you won’t be able to rely solely on getting the first shot. Spend some time working on aiming while both strafing and jumping. Do so, and you’ll make yourself harder to hit without sacrificing much in the way of accuracy.

Halo 3 provides some of the best multiplayer experiences in the FPS genre. We hope this Halo 3 multiplayer guide has helped to rediscover your skill in the game. Now, get out there and dominate the competition.

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