Trying to unlock the Acrophobia Skull in Halo 3? The acrophobia skull is a new item available with Halo MCC Season 2. This item allows you to get a jetpack and fly around the map. Getting it is hazardous, however. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the Acrophobia Skull in Halo 3. 

How to unlock the Acrophobia Skull for Halo 3 on MCC

First, head inside the challenge menu, and you will see a tab called “Halo 3 Celebration.” Inside that tab, you can see the Acrophobia Skull. Your main objective to unlock the Acrophobia Skull is to defeat 343 flying enemies in Halo 3 Campaign or Mission Playlists. The requirements are as follows:

  • Difficulties: Normal, Heroic, or Legendary
  • Game Types: Campaign or Mission Playlists
  • Enemy Types: Drone, Sentinel, Banshee, Phantom
How to unlock the Acrophobia Skull in Halo 3 on MCC

You need to kill 343 Drone, Sentinel, Banshee, or Phantom enemies in Halo 3. To quickly complete this challenge, throw it on Normal difficulty and head to Crow’s Nest. Go for only this one challenge during your playthrough. Start the mission from the beginning and head to the area with all the drones inside the hangar. 

On your way back to the command station, you will encounter dozens of drones. Take out as many of these as you can, and be sure not to activate the checkpoint. After you take out lots of drones, hit start and load from your previous checkpoint. Rinse and repeat this method until you have all the kills required to complete the challenge. You can use something like the AR and grenades to destroy the drones.

That’s all you need to do to unlock the Acrophobia Skull for the Halo 3 Celebration challenge.