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Who is the Mail Carrier in Sun Haven

Mail carrier, where are you?
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A good farming simulation game is really all I need in order to have a good time. Implementing cozy settings by adding delivering mail features is another aspect of a game I love. When I think about cozy games I think about farming in Animal Crossing or the indie game Lake where I can live out my mail man dreams by delivering mail to everyone in my small town. In Sun Haven you can interact with townsfolk, go on quests to gain skills in magic, and deliver mail? You wouldn’t have guessed it but in Sun Haven there is a quest where you can deliver letters to a mail carrier, but, where is he and who is he? Here’s how you can find the mail carrier in Sun Haven.

Mail Carrier Sun Haven

As you’re playing Sun Haven and finishing quests you come across a letter that needs to be delivered back to the mail carrier. They need to bring it back to its original owner! You’re probably wondering who is the mail carrier and how can you find them? It’s actually pretty simple to find out who the mail carrier is and when to find them. You need to locate a woman named Tonya and she happens to be the mother of Topi, another villager in town, and she’s located right next to your farm.

Finding Tonya is simple because she’s right next to you! If you want to find her immediately just head for her house around 7AM to speak with her. She’s trying to get ready for work, which is high key relatable, so if you miss her try going back to the house around 6PM. If you miss her both times you can try finding her in the library around noon. You’ll be disturbing her while she’s working on delivering letters but, hey, you need to take care of this letter fast. Approach her and the quest will be complete!

Sun Haven Keepsakes

Delivering mail is one of the quests you need to complete in order to gain friendships with the people around your town. As you progress through the game you will notice that there are keepsakes you can earn that will help you get through quests and take down enemies easily. For an in depth description of each keepsake please check out our latest article below!

You can earn keepsakes at the beginning of the game and in order to get them you need to wish on them! There are only five keepsakes you can earn in the game and those are:

  • Adventure Keepsake – Adds attack damage by +2
  • Riches Keepsake – Gives you 100 gold a day
  • Romance Keepsake – Adds +1 romance bonus
  • Peace Keepsake – Adds +5% farming experience
  • Time Keepsake – Adds +5% dodging chance & +2% attack speed

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