Who are Koopaling Drivers in Mario Kart Tour

Who are Koopaling Drivers in Mario Kart Tour

The newest week of Mario Kart Tour has introduced a bunch of new drivers, including a few Koopalings. You might not be familiar with the term Koopalings, so we’re here to explain it to you.

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Koopalings are also known as Bowser’s minions, and you may have seen them in Super Mario Bros. 3, as well as subsequent Mario titles where you fight them as bosses and mini-bosses. These characters effectively led the Koopa Troop under Bowser’s command.

The Koopalings were originally thought to be Bowser’s children, but Nintendo has since confirmed they are simply his Underlings and Bowser Jr. is his only child.

Who are Koopaling Drivers in Mario Kart Tour

The Koopaling Drivers along with their special abilities in Mario Kart Tour are as follows:

Larry – Boomerang Flower. Whirls around and around your kart to strike nearby opponents.

Morton – Giant Banana. This particularly stern-looking Giant Banana splits into three bananas when hit.

Wendy – Heart. This heart is overflowing with kindness. It will protect you from opponent attacks.

Iggy – Triple Green Shells. Three green shells surround your kart. They will fire off rapidly all at once.

Roy – Double Bob-ombs. Give you two Bob-ombs you can hurl at once. Engulf your opponents in a mighty blast.

Lemmy – Bubble. Kick back and relax as this bubble floats you around. But beware of the sudden pop.

Ludwig – Dash Ring. Pass through this for a burst of speed. Your opponents can use it too, so make it count!

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