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Which Side Quests are Worth Doing in NieR Replicant?

Which Side Quests are Worth Doing in NieR Replicant?
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RPGs, or at least ones worth the cost of entry, often have a wide breadth of side content for you to enjoy when you want to take a breather from the story, or to obtain cool hidden stuff to make the game easier. NieR Replicant is no exception to this; the game features around 70 different side quests that can be picked up and accomplished at your leisure (mostly). But for those who prefer to just stick to the story, it can be concerning not to know if you’re missing out on important stuff by skipping side content. So to save you some headaches, here’s which side quests are worth doing in NieR Replicant.

The good news for those of you who only care about the main game progression is that the vast majority of the side quests are completely incidental. Most of them are just miscellaneous chores the protagonist takes on because he feels like being helpful, and they usually reward nothing but a little extra pocket money. Some extra cash is certainly helpful, but not required.

Which Side Quests are Worth Doing in NieR Replicant?

There are, however, three side quests in the game’s back half that are absolutely necessary to accomplish if you want to achieve all of the game’s endings. This is because these three side quests all reward weapons, which you need all of to get Ending C. The quests in question are:

  • A Bridge in Peril, given by a guard in the Village
  • Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, given by the King of Facade in Facade
  • The Damaged Map, given by the Village blacksmith

As an additional note, while those three quests are the only truly necessary ones, you should still do a handful of side quests if you have the time. Almost every side quest includes some additional dialogue between the protagonist and Weiss, which is just pleasant in general as they have fantastic chemistry, as well as some extra worldbuilding. If nothing else, you should try to do the side quest “The Ballad of the Twins” in the Village, if only because there’s a particularly hilarious conversation between the protagonist and Weiss about Popola and Devola’s drinking habits.

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