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How to Farm Memory Alloy in NieR Replicant

How to Farm Memory Alloy in NieR Replicant

A “shape-memory alloy” is a kind of metal that “remembers” its base shape. This means that no matter how much you bend and batter it, it can always be returned to the shape it was originally in. In real life, it’s used to make joints in metal tubing, though in the realm of fantasy, it’s a common component in the flexible limbs of robots. It’s also, apparently, great for making better swords! Here’s how to farm Memory Alloy in NieR Replicant.

Memory Alloy is one of the regular requirements for weapon upgrades over at Two Brothers Weapons. However, while its more common counterpart, Titanium Alloy, can be acquired from the boxy robots of the Junk Heap( specifically the ones with the red lights on their heads), Memory Alloy can only be obtained from robotic foes exclusive to the second half of the story. 

How to Farm Memory Alloy in NieR Replicant

In level B2 of the Junk Heap, first accessed when you revisit the area as part of the multi-part story quest to find the keys to the Shadowlord’s castle, you’ll find large bipedal robot enemies called P-32s. You’ll know them when you see them; they’re twice your size, have boxy bodies, and a weird wheel-looking thing on their heads. These robots drop both Titanium Alloy and Memory Alloy, though Memory Alloy is a gold orb drop, meaning the odds of obtaining it are significantly lower. 

To best farm for Memory Alloy, first make sure your weapon is equipped with the highest level “Mah-” word you have available. “Mah-” words increase item drop rate percentages, which you’ll want to expedite this process as much as possible. 

There are three large, square-shaped rooms in B2 of the Junk Heap, at least one of which will always spawn two P-32 robots. Once you’ve smashed the robots and claimed whatever their innards felt like horking up, find the nearest exit out of B2 to make the map reset. After that, just come back to B2 and search the rooms for P-32s again. Remember, though, even if a P-32 drops Memory Alloy, it’ll only drop one a pop, so if you’re looking to get a lot of them, don’t expect to finish any time soon.

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