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How to Grow Lunar Tears in NieR Replicant

How to Grow Lunar Tears in NieR Replicant
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The Lunar Tear is a major plot element of the NieR series, a fabled flower that’s said to bring infinite wealth to anyone who finds one. It could also be considered an instigating factor in Replicant’s story, so I don’t know why you’d want to torture the Protagonist by growing them, but hey, you do you. Here’s how to grow Lunar Tears in NieR Replicant.

Growing Lunar Tears in the Protagonist’s yard is an in-depth, multi-day process that’s going to require some major attentiveness on your part. Before you even try, though, you should make sure your garden is fully upgraded with all three rows of soil. You can upgrade your garden by completing quests for the flower seller in the village, or by purchasing a special handbook from her in the second half of the story.

How to Grow Lunar Tears in NieR Replicant

When the garden’s upgraded, you’ll need seeds to start growing Moonflowers. See, there’s no way to grow Lunar Tears from scratch; you can only get them by cross-polinating particular varieties of Moonflower. Head to Seafront and buy seeds for Red, Blue, and Gold Moonflowers, ten of each. These will need to be planted in a very specific order to get the special Moonflowers you need to create a Lunar Tear.

You’ll need to grow the Moonflowers in the following formations to get certain hybrid Moonflowers.

  • Gold + Red = Peach Moonflower
  • Gold + Blue = Indigo Moonflower
  • Indigo + Peach = Pink Moonflower

Technically, you only need two plots of land per hybrid attempt, but if you plant multiple Moonflowers in alternating patterns, you’ll increase your chances of getting hybrid Moonflowers. When the hybrid Moonflowers grow, you’ll need to let them die so you can harvest their seeds and grow more from scratch.

Once you’ve got the seeds, you’ll want to plant Peach and Pink Moonflower seeds next to each other. Bear in mind, the odds of actually getting a Lunar Tear are very low, so the more pairs you plant at once, the better your chances will be. 

This entire process can take up to two days in real time, so hopefully, you don’t have anywhere better to be for the weekend. If you’re lucky, though, a Lunar Tear will sprout from the ground, and you can harvest it for an achievement.

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