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Where to Play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite

Where to Play the Spire's Message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite

We’re entering a new week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 challenges, and we’re continuing with the Spire Challenges questline. This week, Raz has a few new objectives for us, beginning with playing a Guardian Outpost message. You probably already know where the Guardian Outposts are at this point, but if not, we’re here to show you how to get this done quickly. Here’s where to play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite.

Where to Play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite

You can visit any of the six Spire locations around the map, besides the sizeable central Spire at the named location. You’ll find a holographic object at the very top of each Spire. Walk up to it and use your interact key to play the message. At this point, you should receive credit for “Play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost.”

A strange, indecipherable recording will begin playing, and a carving will light up atop the Spire. The quest you just completed was stage two of three in the Spire Challenges. If you pull up your map and navigate to your quest log, you should now see the Epic Quest from Raz entitled, “Talk with the Joneses.” 

The next quest entails traveling around to various locations on the Fortnite map, searching for a few different Jonesy characters. We have a full guide, which shows you exactly where to talk to the Joneses. Check it out if you want some help and want to knock the next one off the list. After that, you’ll have to find Jonesy the First and duel him. That will conclude this week’s Epic Spire Challenges from Raz. Good luck out there, and remember, these locations will be crowded with people trying to knock out the same quest. Be careful!

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