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Where to Go After the Castle in Live A Live

What's a knight supposed to do?
Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

In the vast majority of Live A Live’s scenarios, you’re always told where you need to go next by the orange icon on your minimap. However, there are a couple of instances in the game where the orange icon disappears, leaving you to intuit what happens next. One particular instance of this occurs in the Middle Ages chapter. Here’s where to go after the castle in Live A Live.

Where to Go After the Castle in Live A Live

In Live A Live’s Middle Ages chapter, after defeating the “Lord of Dark,” Oersted and Uranus return to Lucrece Castle to report their failure to rescue Alethea. Then, in the middle of the night, Oersted accidentally murders the king and is banished from the castle. At this point, you don’t have an orange marker on your map, and the Gatekeepers that booted you out didn’t exactly give you a concrete path to follow.

The first thing you need to do is return to Fugalia Village, the small village to the west of Lucrece. Enter the first house to see the family you met before, where the mother and father will panic and hide from the guy who, y’know, murdered the king.

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After you’ve seen that cutscene, your next destination is actually back to Lucrece. Though, before you go there, if you don’t mind a solo hike, you can return to the peak of Hero’s Rest and examine the gravestone for a brief flashback of Hasshe. This doesn’t give you anything, though, so feel free to skip it.

Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

Anyway, you need to return to the gates of Lucrece, where you’ll be arrested by the Gatekeepers and thrown into the dungeon. After a brief chat with Uranus in the neighboring cell, he’ll unlock your door for you and let you loose before dying himself. At this point, your orange marker should return, directing you back to Archon’s Roost to meet the true Lord of Dark. You’ll need to take out a couple of guards on your way out of the castle, but in the hike from Lucrece to Fugalia, you probably already killed a few, so what’s a few more?

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