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How to Play the Caveman Game in Live A Live

Count the cavemen, win a prize.
Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

I’m not even going to pretend to know when the concept of fun and games came about in human society, but it probably wasn’t during caveman times. That said, Live A Live likes to take some creative liberties with its historical depictions, so we might as well have some fun with it. Here’s how to play the Caveman game in Live A Live.

How to Play the Caveman Game in Live A Live

When you first start the Prehistory chapter in Live A Live, as soon as you exit Pogo and Gori’s cave, you can enter the cave on its immediate right to find a lone caveman standing between two hay bales. While he can’t exactly convey this to you given the lack of language, this caveman wants to play a counting game, and if you win, you’ll get some handy crafting ingredients.

Here’s how it works: two thought balloons will appear over the caveman’s head, one with five cavemen and one with three. Pay attention, because he’s going to point at the one he wants you to find. Afterward, a group of cavemen will run into the room and hide in one of the two hay bales. If the caveman pointed at the thought balloon with the higher number of cavemen, that means he wants you to point out the bale with more cavemen hiding in it. Inversely, if he pointed at the thought balloon with the lower number of cavemen, he wants you to point out the bale with fewer cavemen hiding in it. Watch the bales carefully, as the cavemen have a few different patterns they’ll use to jump in.

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Occasionally, the caveman will mix up his game a little, showing a thought balloon with a picture of Gori in it. If he points at that balloon in this case, he’s asking you to point out the hay bale with Gori hiding in it. Gori will run in with the usual crowd of cavemen, so watch carefully to see which bale he hides in.

Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

If you answer correctly, the caveman will reward you with one of every basic crafting ingredient, including:

  • A Stick
  • A Bone
  • A Beast Horn
  • A Beast Fang
  • A Hard Rock
  • A Pelt
  • Dried Skins

You can keep playing this game as many times as you want to farm crafting ingredients, and there’s no penalty if you lose. In fact, you probably should farm those ingredients, so you can go to the Artisan and craft all of Pogo, Gori, and Beru’s best gear right away.

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