Where to Get Mending Books in Minecraft
Image via Mojang

Don’t you hate it when your stuff wears out? Not even in video games, just in general? Like a computer mouse or a toothbrush or something. It’s such a pain in the butt. If only you could use mending enchantments like in Minecraft, then it wouldn’t be a problem. Oh well. Real life is real life, but for the time being, here’s where to get mending books in Minecraft.

Mending is one of the most, if not the most, practical enchantments in all of Minecraft (except maybe for Silk Touch). Any piece of equipment enchanted with Mending will automatically repair itself using XP orbs that you pick up. It’s so much more convenient than having to make ten copies of the same pickaxe. However, Mending is considered a “treasure enchantment,” which means you can’t make it happen with your own enchanting table. If you want this useful enchantment, you’ll need to find Mending books.

Where to Get Mending Books in Minecraft

There’s two primary ways to get your hands on Mending books. The first and most obvious is sheer chance. Mending books can be obtained either by looting treasure chests found in dungeons and temples and whatnot, or by reeling one in while going fishing. These methods are pretty inconsistent, not to mention rather time-consuming. You could try setting up an auto-fishing farm, which will take care of the chore for you, but won’t make it go any faster.

The second method is a little simpler: you can simply trade for Mending books from village Librarians. Flip him some emeralds, get an enchanted book, everyone’s happy, though you will need a Librarian that specifically deals in Mending books. If the local Librarian isn’t into that, or the village doesn’t have one at all, you can force a generic Villager into becoming one.

Just craft a lectern out of some planks and a bookshelf, then lure a generic Villager away from the village. Give him the lectern, and he should quickly develop a newfound love of library science. You can then trade with him, and hopefully he’ll have a Mending book to offer you. If he doesn’t, take the lectern away, and he’ll revert to a generic Villager. Give him the lectern again to re-roll his inventory, and with any luck, you’ll get a Mending-oriented Librarian.