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Where to Get A Prop Disguise in Fortnite

Where to Get A Prop Disguise in Fortnite

One of the week six challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is to stand within twenty meters of a player for three seconds while wearing a prop disguise. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but you could run into some issues if you’re unsure where to obtain a disguise. That’s why we’re putting together this guide for you. Here’s where to find and how to put on a prop disguise in Fortnite.

Where to Get A Prop Disguise in Fortnite

Fortnite players can obtain prop disguises by talking to particular NPCs around the island. It’s one of the dialogue options you will get after speaking to the proper characters. The NPCs that offer prop disguises include the following:

  • Bushranger (West of Pleasant Park)
  • Raz (Colossal Crops)
  • Crustina (North of Colossal Crops)
  • Snow Sniper (East of Retail Row)
  • Jekyll (Steamy Stacks)
Where to Get A Prop Disguise in Fortnite - NPC Locations

Now, obtaining prop disguises is simple enough, but you need to make sure you have some Gold Bars on hand. It will cost somewhere between 75 Gold Bars to obtain a prop disguise from some of the Fortnite NPCs. The props will turn you into everyday objects like a garbage can. Once you get your prop disguise, you’ll need to sit within twenty meters of a player for three seconds to get credit for the challenge.

The prop disguise won’t last forever, but it lasts long enough for you to complete this challenge quickly. Please note that many more NPCs offer prop disguises, but Bushranger and Raz are both in highly populated areas, making completing this challenge a breeze.

Where to Get A Prop Disguise in Fortnite


Bushranger is likely your best bet for completing this challenge. You can find him just west of Pleasant Park, patroling a small area.


Raz is a familiar face in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, as he is the main point of contact for many of The Spire Challenges. Go and speak with him, and pick up his prop disguise. 


Crustina can also turn you into a prop, and you’ll find her just northeast of Colossal Crops. If you opt for this character, you’ll likely want to trek down to Colossal Crops and hang out for a bit to knock out the challenge.

Snow Sniper

You can also find the Snow Sniper east of Retail Row near the mountainous regions. He’s probably not a great choice for this challenge, but you could pick up the prop and make your way to Retail Row if you wanted.


The last NPC who offers a prop disguise is Jekyll, and it’s another viable option to finish up this challenge. You’ll want to head to Steamy Stacks for this one, and find Jekyll inside the main building.

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