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Where to Find Your Next High With Aurora in Starfield

Will you dare look for this powerful drug?
Screenshot via Bethesda Game Studios

Who would say that a game like Starfield will feature some futuristic hallucinogenic drug? Well, it seems the kids are all talking about it, the new IT thing in Bethesda’s universe. The most powerful drug since the likes of Skooma in Skyrim. This immensely potent drug is one that needs to stay in the video game realm.

But surely there isn’t a problem with your character trying a bit right? A little won’t hurt anyone. If you are looking to buy some of the good stuff, simply asking around won’t get you very far. A high in-demand product that is heard through Chinese whispers, a taboo subject that no one appears to know much about apart from its name. So where exactly can you achieve euphoria with Aurora? This is Vincent’s guide on where to find Aurora in Starfield.

Where to Find Aurora in Starfield – Location Guide

Whilst there are no Black Markets in space which is good to know to be honest, you have to find a specific, underground, and elicit Lounge for your viewing pleasure. In a place that encompasses Cyberpunk 2047, players need to head to Neon. Being the only planet in all of space to have stock of the good-good, Aurora can be found inside Astral Lounge and Euphorika.

The rumors are that Aurora is a drug that is so powerful, it can leave you feeling like time and space itself. Although traveling around through multiple galaxies is more than enough for most astronauts, the effects of Aurora can only be experienced on its own, separate from the rest of the world. With effects that are so strong, it is no surprise that this drug has been banned across the universe so you know that it is the good stuff.

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Where is the Astral Lounge?

You need to head beyond Reliant Medical, Hotel Volii, and Enhance!, taking a right until you stumble upon your destination of the Lounge. Inside, head to the Bar at the end of the Lounge area. Here you will be offered Aurora by the bartender Boone.

Due to its high demand, the pricing of Aurora is dependent on the skills that you have gathered meaning that if you were to head to Neon early on in Starfield, you would be getting a ridiculous price for your first batch. Although they want to lure you in with the good stuff, getting you to become a regular customer of their product, the pricing will still depend on your social skills.

The second spot that holds Aurora is Euphorika but its requirements are much more demanding and expensive. Aurora won’t be available for purchase at the Bar until you purchase the Member Pass off Myka which will set you back 5,000 credits. If you do this, you will be allowed to purchase the Aurora inside the Members Only Bar.

That was our quick location guide for those looking to get a quicker fix than others heading into Starfield with the hopes of running into some Aurora themselves. For more on Starfield, be sure to see all articles written here with more incoming so keep your eyes peeled to the skies.

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