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Where to find Wolverine Boss in Fortnite

Where to find Wolverine Boss in Fortnite

Fortnite’s 14.20 update brings a brand new boss into the game. You can find the Wolverine boss in Weeping Woods. Defeating him is no easy task, so be prepared if you’re looking to battle. Here’s where to find the Wolverine boss in Fortnite, everything you need to know to take him out, and the juicy rewards for downing him.

Where to find Wolverine Boss in Fortnite

The Wolverine boss is sneaking around near Weeping Woods, around the cabins deep in the forest. Look out for his footprints, because that’s how you know he’s close. He seems to roam around the entire Weeping Woods area, so there is no exact location. Here’s where we found him, though.  

If you’re approaching him solo, make sure you know the plan. We recommend getting in position from a distance. Wolverine appears to have somewhere around 1,000 – 2,000 health points. Getting on top of a building as far away as possible is the easiest way to take him out. Make sure you have an excellent primary weapon and start blasting him with headshots. By the time he gets over to you, he will likely be dead. 

Taking on Wolverine at close range is not a good idea. He will quickly claw down any structures you place, and quickly drain your health. It may work if you have a squad of teammates, but it’s far more challenging that way. 

After taking him out, you get access to the Mythic Wolverine’s Claws. The claws grant you a few abilities, including a melee attack, an air slash, and a dash move. The melee attack damages multiple enemies at one time if they are next to each other. There are multiple combos in the basic attack, so spam your fire button to do the full combo. Hitting attack in mid-air does an air slash where Wolverine whirlwinds around and damages anyone in the path. Doing a secondary attack causes you to dash when holding Wolverine’s Claws.

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