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Where to Find the Potato and What It Means in Phasmophobia

Potatoes go with everything, even horror games
Searching in Phasmophobia
Image via Kinetic Games

If you love ghost hunting just as much as you love playing games with your friends, then you should definitely consider adding Phasmophobia to your game collection (if you haven’t already). Phasmophobia is an online co-op horror game that’s been pitting players against assorted ghosts since 2020! This game is truly the off-brand Ghostbusters game that we never knew we needed.

Phasmophobia is known for its unconventional easter eggs, but its newest addition may just take the cake. You may have heard about the mysterious Potato in Phasmophobia, but you may not have heard about what it actually is. Keep reading to find out what the Potato is and where to find it in Phasmophobia!

What is the Potato in Phasmophobia?

The Potato is a brand-new easter egg item added to Phasmophobia. This starchy easter egg is a reference to a popular content creator, PsychoHypnotic. PsychoHypnotic is a content creator and self-described “horror enthusiast” who enjoys streaming and posting Let’s Plays to his YouTube channel. Psycho frequently posts Phasmophobia content and has spoken out about his love for the game in the past, which is likely why the creators of Phasmophobia decided to honor him with his very own item in the game.

The Potato looks both exactly how you think it would and also not at all how you think it would. The Potato is modeled after a regular russet potato, but it’s definitely not any old regular russet: it has a face. To be exact, it has PsychoHypnotic’s face, though you likely wouldn’t recognize it just from looking at it.

In addition to having a face, this cursed vegetable emits PsychoHypnotic’s Twitch alert sound when dropped. So besides having a man’s face, this Potato also has a working mouth capable of making noise. Have fun not getting startled if you stumble across it by accident on a map!

Image via Kinetic Games

What Does the Potato Do?

Although it would be hilarious if the Potato actually had a function in Phasmophbia, it unfortunately is just a prop. Props are relatively useless, mostly decorative items that are scattered throughout Phasmophobia’s maps. These items can be interacted with by players and the ghosts alike, with the latter occasionally providing acceptable evidence for an investigation.

The Potato in Phasmophobia may be relatively useless, but it does at least add a touch of humor to an otherwise terrifying game. Just imagine being hunted down by a ghost in a haunted location, and then all of a sudden, a straight-up potato with a face just gets chucked at your head by a ghost. The Potato may not help you win, but it sure as hell will make you laugh!

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Where to Find the Potato in Phasmophobia

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this unholy creation in Phasmophobia, then you’re in luck! The Potato isn’t all that hard to find at all and is located in two specific areas. To find it, check out either of these two areas in Phasmophobia:

  • 6 Tanglewood Drive – in one of the cupboards in the kitchen.
  • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution – 2nd from the left oven on the upper row in the Bake House.

Both of these locations are pretty specific, so it shouldn’t take too long to find it. If you can’t find it in one area, however, you can always just check the second area. Happy hunting!

The Potato is definitely one of the most entertaining easter eggs ever added to Phasmophobia. If you love finding easter eggs in games like the Potato in Phasmophobia, then you’ll love Gamer Journalist’s lists of easter eggs for Choo Choo Charles and Gotham Knights!

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