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Phasmophobia – How to Tell Difference Between Ghost Event and Hunt

Ghostly shenanigans.
Phasmophobia Tempature Device
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Ghosts are tricky jerks sometimes. You think they all follow a very specific set of rules, but then suddenly they’ll flip the script on you just to be annoying. But as tricky as they may be, even the living-challenged have to adhere to certain patterns in their behaviors. Here’s how to tell the difference between a Ghost Event and a Hunt in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia – How to Tell Difference Between Ghost Event and Hunt

Before we get into the differences, let’s quickly clarify what these terms actually mean. Ghost Events and Hunts are two kinds of ghostly behavior you will regularly be faced with in Phasmophobia. A Ghost Event is a spooky, but generally harmless instance brought about by the ghost you’re pursuing. Ghost Events include things like temporary manifestations, smoke balls, and summoning circle appearances. Most of these instances are fairly benign, though depending on how you respond to them, a Hunt may be triggered.

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Speaking of which, a Hunt is when the ghost is actively pursuing you or your teammates with the express purpose of doing you harm. There are a variety of factors that can trigger a hunt, from the use of cursed objects to low sanity thresholds, but either way, when a ghost is on the Hunt, you and your party can be killed.

What’s the Diff?

Haunted Television in Phasmophobia
Image via Kinetic Games

One of the biggest indicators that a Hunt is going down versus an Event is the lights. When the lights start flickering in the room you’re in, that means the ghost is hot on your trail with murder on its mind. This goes double if any exit doors seal shut as well. Similar circumstances can happen during an Event, but not quite in the same way. Often, during an event, if the ghost is messing with the lights, it’ll turn them off entirely rather than flicker them.

Additionally, barring certain circumstances, Hunts usually have a grace period at the beginning before the ghost really gets mad. If a ghost manifests right away and right in front of you, that’s just an Event. If the ghost is completely still and invisible, that means a Hunt is about the get underway. The length of the grace period depends on the difficulty you’re playing on, and during this period, the ghost can’t track you, so that’s the time to get your butt outta there.

Finally, listen to the different sounds a ghost makes. Certain ghosts only make particular sounds when a Hunt is going on; the crying ghost, for instance, will only cry when there’s a Hunt. If it’s making any other sound, it’s just an Event.

As you play the game and start to identify the ghosts’ habits and mannerisms, the factors that make up an Event versus a Hunt will become clearer to you. You might have to die a few times to internalize all of it, but it’s all good practice.

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