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All Easter Eggs in Gotham Knights

I Understood That Reference!
Image via Warner Bros. Games

If you’re well-versed on the Batman comics, you’re probably excited to see how Gotham Knights plays into the franchise’s long history. The Caped Crusader burst onto the scene in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939, and ever since, he’s been influencing the trajectory of the comics world. But, in the world of Gotham Knights, the Dark Knight has been taken out — permanently. That being said, how does this game handle references and easter eggs to the near-century of crime fighting that the Batman has given us?

It should be noted that, as of publication, Gotham Knights has not been released. So, this list may change at some point in the future, once the game is publicly available.

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All Easter Eggs in Gotham Knights

  • Gotham University is highlighted. In this fictional world, this is where Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon attended school, as well as where Jonathan Crane taught / where Kirk Langstrom was a researcher.
  • Moulton Hall. This could be a tribute to Wonder Woman creator, William Moulton Marston.
  • Talon Paintings. This could signal a hideout for the Court of Owls.
  • The Gray Ghost. In Batman: the Animated Series, The Gray Ghost is Batman’s childhood hero. He is also voiced by Adam West. In Gotham Knights, a poster for The Gray Ghost can be found in Langstrom’s lab.
  • Bat Flight Cycle. Also in Langstrom’s lab is a poster of a bat’s flight cycle, further hinting at his transformation into Man Bat.
  • Hummel Hall. This could be a tribute to Joye Hummel, the first woman to write for Wonder Woman.
  • Woolfolk Hall. In that same vein, this could reference Dorothy Woolfolk, the first woman editor for DC Comics, and who created Kryptonite in the Superman mythos.
  • SunDollar Coffee. This coffee shop from the comics can be seen while exploring Gotham.
  • Big Belly Burger. This restaurant from the comics can be seen while exploring Gotham.
  • Jitters. This coffee shop from the comics can be seen while exploring Gotham.
  • Blasdell Oil Co. This could be a reference to the Blasdell Oil Fields from Robin #150.
  • Stagg Enterprises. In Gotham, a building supposedly belonging to Simon Stagg can be seen.
  • Vicform. There is a van belonging to the Vicform company from the comics.
  • Soder-cola. An advertisement for this brand from the comics can be seen while exploring Gotham.
  • Ace Chemicals. In the comics, this is the “birth” place for both Joker and Harley Quinn.

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