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Where to Find Spider-Man’s Web Shooters in Fortnite

Swing your way to victory by finding Spider-Man's backpack
Where to Find Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is turning out to be a big one, and Epic Games has no problem dropping exciting new content week to week. This weekend, we have a new mythic item available somewhere on Fortnite island, and finding it will let you swing around the map like Spider-Man. We’re talking about Spider-Man’s Web Shooters, of course. This guide will show you where to find Spider-Man’s mythic Web Shooters in Fortnite.

What are Spider-Man’s Web Shooters in Fortnite?

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters are a new Mythic item introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, that drop out of Spider-Man’s Backpack. The new mythic item has an ammo count like a regular weapon, except that it shoots webs that attach to objects and let you swing around the map in true Spider-Man fashion. Each Spider-Man’s Web Shooter comes with 80 Webs.

Are the Spider-Man Mythics in Fortnite?

The mythic Spider-Man Web Shooters are now in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 as of December 10, 2021. There is no information about how long these will stay in the game, and if Epic Games plans to leave them in for an extended period of time.

Where to Find Spider-Man’s Backpacks in Fortnite

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters can be found inside Spider-Man’s backpacks, which can be found anywhere you see a web. Some example Spider-Man backpack locations in Fortnite include:

  • The Daily Bugle
  • Southeast of Coney Crossroads
  • Northwest of Condo Canyon

Generally, anywhere you see Spider-Man webs, there’s likely some backpacks nearby to loot for Web Shooters.

The Daily Bugle

There are about five different Web-Shooters to find inside of The Daily Bugle point of interest on Fortnite island. The first one is on top of the tall building with the water tower. You’ll find the Spider-Man backpacks alongside the metal vents on the roof. 

Where to Find Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite - Daily Bugle 1

The second Web-Shooter is on the side of the main building, near the metal stairs. 

Where to Find Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite - Daily Bugle 2

There’s another underneath the main scaffolding on the side of the building.

Another Web-Shooter is on the second largest building, underneath the stairs on the side of the building at ground level.

The last Web-Shooter is on the smaller building with the water tower on top of it. You can find it next to the jug of Slurp on the side of the brick wall.

Coney Crossroads

The next spot to find Web Shooters is a bit southeast of Coney Crossroads along the river. Clearly, Spider-Man made his way through here, as you’ll notice by the webs. You can find a couple of backpacks alongside the trees.

Where to Find Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite - Coney Crossroads

Condo Canyon

You can find lots of Web Shooters in the canyon northwest of the Condo Canyon point of interest. Make your way through the canyons, and you should have no problem finding the backpacks if you are paying attention to the webs.

Where to Find Spider-Man's Web Shooters in Fortnite - Condo Canyon

There are many other spots around the map to find Spider-Man’s Web Shooters in Fortnite. Too many to list, in fact, but if you pay attention to the webs, you will have no problem finding them!

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