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Where to Find Konni Laptop and Building 21 Access Card in Warzone 2.0 DMZ – Follow Instructions Mission Guide

You are on your own Soldier, complete the Mission
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The ‘Follow Instructions’ has you follow every word of the Note obtained inside Al Bagra, from chasing airplanes and HVT Targets to performing a SWAT search inside the Ashika Island Hotel in search for that precious Laptop. There are many ways in which this Mission can go wrong, with the primary reason being you not making it out of the DMZ alive with the items you require for Mission completion. This is our guide on how to complete the Tier 4 Legion Mission titled ‘Follow Instructions’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. The guide will provide you with the locations for both Konni Laptop, Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop and how to get a Building 21 Keycard.

How to Complete ‘Follow Instructions’ Mission – Guide

Find Notes in Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop

In order to truly get this Mission started you need to head to the furthest south point in Al Mazrah, to the named location of Al Bagra Fortress. We recommend using a Vehicle to get to this area if you have spawned in on any side of the Map due to the distance you will need to run to get here. Enter the Fortress named location from the north side, crossing the bridge. Rotate around the Fortress edge, ignoring the Fort itself as you do not need to get in here. By doing so you should avoid most AI enemies. The Dead Drop in question is located at the bottom-right corner of Al Mazrah. Feel free to refer to the screenshot below for the exact location of the Dead Drop (green player 1 icon). These are always White Dumpsters.

Image via Activision

Open the Dead Drop and remove the Instructions from the Cache. You can inspect the Notes further by selecting the Instructions inside your Backpack. Your first Instruction is as follows:

  • Find Konni Laptop and place in Al Bagra Dead Drop
  • Find Building 21 Keycard and place in Al Bagra Dead Drop

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First Instruction: Where to Find Konni Laptop

The first Instruction asks you to go into Ashika Island, meaning you well need to exfil from Al Mazrah and deploy once again into the new Map of Ashika Island. Players will find this inside the Hotel, located just past the Town Hall, north-east of the Beach Club. Once again, refer to the screenshot below of where the Hotel and Laptop can be found. The Hotel can become a Stronghold as these spawn points are randomized so you may wish to bring a Stronghold Keycard with you for this Mission in case the Hotel is a Stronghold when you deploy.

Image via Activision

Konni Laptop can be found in Room 402 and as it only has one spawn spot, you will find it on the far-right hand side of the room, atop a couch. If the Laptop is not in this spot, another Operator is completing this Mission. Meaning you will need to exfil and return in order to continue the Mission and successfully pick the Laptop up. With the Laptop now in your Backpack, you should exfil and head back to Al Mazrah.

Second Instruction: How to Obtain Building 21 Key

The second Instruction can be completed in Al Mazrah where you can then finish the Mission by placing both Konni Laptop and Building 21 Access Card in the Al Bagra Dead Drop. To obtain a Building 21 Access Card, you can either purchase these from a Buy Station (if it is available) or the best option is to pick one up from the Supply Drops. These can be spotted on the Map in Al Mazrah with a notfication of their drop incoming and a yellow airplane icon passing across the Island. You should head to where the plane originated from as the Supply Drops land near this location.

Alternatively, the Building 21 Access Card can be found in Orange Supply Crates, Safes and HVT Targets, but its pick-up is not guaranteed. For that reason, we highly recommend checking the Supply Drops, just keep in mind that this method could result in you being greeted by other Operators. So play slow and cautious, always have a vehicle with you such as the Cargo Truck for extra security. When you have both the Konni Laptop and the Building 21 Access Card in your Backpack, return to Al Bagra Dead Drop (location above) and place these inside to complete ‘Follow Instructions’ Mission.

That was our guide on how to complete ‘Follow Instructions’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. We hope this guide was helpful and thank you for reading. If you are looking for other DMZ Mission Guides, we have more available at Gamer Journalist.

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