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Where to find Gatherers in Fortnite

Where to find Gatherers in Fortnite

Are you trying to figure out where to find Gatherers in Fortnite? The new boss fight recently introduced into Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, randomly spawns around the map. Fighting the Gorger will reward you with a legendary Rocket Launcher. Aside from the loot, this is one boss you’ll need to visit for the week four challenges. Here’s everything you need to know about The Gorger and Gatherers.

Where to find Gatherers in Fortnite

Gatherers spawn from Gorger, a new boss spawn in Fortnite. There is a set number of spawn points where a Gorger can show up on the map. It differs from match to match, so we can’t tell you exactly where it’s going to be. The first Gorger spawns into the match a bit after the first circle spawns. You can glide in the air for a while off the Battle Bus and wait for it if you’re looking to just complete the challenges.

Here are all six possible Gorger spawn locations in the Fortnite map. As soon as you engage the Gorger, it will release some Gatherers out of it. The Gorger is vulnerable in the yellow areas on the side of its body, along with its eye.

For two of the week four challenges, you have to do 10,000 damage with a Gatherer and destroy twenty of them. Knocking down a Gatherer allows you to pick it up as a weapon for a short time. If you don’t grab the Gatherers on time, they will start beeping and explode.

Picking up the Gatherer gives you two abilities: a single shot and a charged explosive shot. The explosion does high area damage, but it will destroy the Gatherer on use. Tap the fire button to do rapid-fire damage, and hold the fire button to do a charge shot that explodes the Gatherer.

You can knock out the two challenges at the same time by picking up the first Gatherer and destroying the others with it. If you don’t reach 10,000 damage, you can always use the weapon against nearby Henchmen as well.

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