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Where to Find Divine Beasts in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Did Link eat them?
The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild
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Divine Beasts were extremely popular if you played Zelda’s Breathe of the Wild. These four majestic beasts were the size of a titan and were mechanically created by Sheikah to seal Calamity Ganon. They played an important role in Breathe of the Wild and were part of the main storyline. The story goes that because of their insane amount of power they were forced to go into hiding underground, that is until their power was necessary. So, with how crucial they were to Breathe of the Wild, what happened to them? Where are they? We’re going to talk about the Divine Beasts in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Where are the Divine Beasts in TotK?

Playing Breathe of the Wild and having Link go up against these powerful mechanical beasts was something. They were basically giant titans you needed to go inside of them to control them. Similar to shrines where you solved puzzles, you needed to solve puzzles inside the beasts, to try to control them as they ran crazy through Hyrule. They fought off Ganon after you managed to control their fury, so, where did they go?

Divine Beasts are nowhere to be seen Tears of the Kingdom. It’s as if they just vanished; which doesn’t make sense since they were the size of Titans. Are they underground? Will they ever appear? The world may never know but fans have come up with theories on why the beasts didn’t make it into the game.

Fan Theories about the Divine Beasts in TotK

There are a few theories going on discussing what really happened to the Divine Beasts after they helped Link save Hyrule. A popular theory talks about the four Divine Beasts are currently sleeping between the time that has passed from Breathe of the Wild to Tears of the Kingdom. Perhaps Link thought it would be best to just turn these machines off? The king of Hyrule decided to bury them because of their power so it makes sense why the next time around Link just decided to power them down.

Another theory fans have speculated is that along with them being turned off for good they also were dismantled to build important landmarks such as the Skyview Towers or a Purah Pad. Players already are using their new powers to craft ways to execute Korok’s, so, maybe Link used those same powers to recycle parts to make useful buildings? The world may never know what happened to the Divine Beasts, so for now, we just have to let this legend be put to rest and hope they are being used for a better purpose.

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