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Is Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom A Prequel?

Is it a prequel or a sequel?
Tears of the Kingdom
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We are so pumped to have the opportunity to play Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It’s one of those games that gives us hope. When Breath of the Wild was first announced on Switch fans were going crazy at everything the game offered. We were given a game that showcased an open world, the ability for Link to climb up to any surface without using his hook shot, and we could face the boss battle at the beginning if we were brave enough to. Fans around the world are wondering if this game is actually a sequel to the events that happened in Breathe of the Wild or is this before all of this took place. Let’s find out if Tears of the Kingdom is a prequel together!

Is Tears of the Kingdom a Prequel?

A lot of speculation and fan theories has come out declaring that this game is actually a prequel. Others aren’t so convinced. The developers of the game hadn’t came out with a lot of information and all we had to go by was from what we had seen. As time passed and we had more information given to us about the game we can strongly say that Tears of the Kingdom is a sequel to Breathe of the Wild.

No, it’s not a prequel. This is going to be a complete follow-up to the events that happened in Breathe of the Wild. Let’s go back to when Breath of the Wild released and try to remember all that happened since is been a few years.

Plot so far in Breathe of the Wild

If you’re new to the Zelda franchise you probably aren’t aware that the game is all about time travel, and reincarnation, and in every game, it takes place in another reality. For example, when you play Skyward Sword you’re introduced to Link who lives up in the skies on an island. His goal is to head toward the world below to save Zelda.

These two characters are familiar but their backstories are completely different because they aren’t the same in every game. In Breathe of the Wild, Calamity took over Hyrule completely, and Link has zero memories as to who he is and what needs to happen. It’s a game about exploration and discovering who you are. In Tears of the Kingdom, we’re going more in-depth to the story after we’ve learned new skills and powers to try to destroy the evil forces. We’re even more hyped than we were before!

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