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Where to Find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

We've uncovered the location for every Developer Log on Artificial Island!
Tower of Fantasy
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Artificial Island arrived at Tower of Fantasy as part of the 1.5 update. Introducing a brand-new area to the game that offers a sizable map to explore with environmental terrain similar to that of Astra or Navia. However, with the sheer amount of content that’s been added to the game, it can be challenging to locate some of the more specialized items, such as the Developer Logs.

In this guide, we will break down where to find the 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

One of the first missions you will encounter once you step foot onto Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy is a gathering quest. Which tasks you with locating 10 missing Developer Logs scattered across the new areas of the map.

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While a solid chunk of these logs can be easily discovered by simply exploring the new region. There are a few less obvious locations where some of these Developer Logs have been placed. To help you get started, here’s where you can find all 10 of the Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy;

  1. The first Dev Log can be found towards the small tree below the airship once you arrive on Artificial Island. It’s on the ground around the roots of the tree.
  2. The second Dev Log is down the stairs toward the blue portal, which will lead you to a ledge further down in the base. The Dev Log is on the grassy ridge.
  3. The third Dev Log is West of the camp you just teleported to, heading towards the large signpost. It is pinned in the center.
  4. The fourth Dev Log is back near where you found the third one. Instead, you will head West until you come across three pillars. Next to the pillars will be a selection of grey rocks, the Dev Log is behind the stone closest to the water.
  5. The fifth Dev Log is in a wooden box on the lowest level of Hyena Camp. Which is West in the direction of Eyrie.
  6. The sixth Dev Log is in the center of the intersection Northwest towards the space rift. Go past the space rift and you will find the intersection in the road.
  7. The seventh Dev Log is in a small village just ahead of the sixth Dev Log. Enter the village and walk across the wooden decking, the Dev Log will be in wooden crates North of the decking.
  8. The eighth Dev Log is in one of the wooden barrels on the roof of the ship that has crashed in the river. However, you will need to teleport to the space rift at Base Zero and head East to get there.
  9. The ninth Dev Log can be found by heading South from the crashed ship toward the second Hyena Base, which is slightly West of Mount Sandy. The Dev Log is in one of the surrounding barrels by the truck near the entrance of the base.
  10. The tenth Dev Log can be found by heading back to Mount Sandy and climbing up to the top of the cliff where the pipe sticks out. There’s an airborne station above that features four Treasure Guardians to defeat. The last Dev Log is towards the North side of the station.

After you’ve collected all of the Developer Logs, you can return to Base Zero and hand in the quest. Assuming you are Level 60 or higher, you will then unlock the game’s base-building feature.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find the 10 Dev Logs on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re interested in more Tower of Fantasy content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find tons of helpful information such as how to make a Roasted Suckling Pig or how to find and complete ruins in Tower of Fantasy.

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