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How to Find and Complete Ruins in Tower of Fantasy

How to make a win of a ruin
entering ruin in tower of fantasy
Screenshot by GJ / Perfect World

Tower of Fantasy is home to many adventures and perils. In your explorations, you will come across bands of enemies, gorgeous locations, terrifying bosses, and fantastic rewards. But you don’t have to venture far out to experience all of those four elements of the game. The ruins in Tower of Fantasy are home to relics and incredible fights and even puzzles, where no two ruin is the same. But how do you find these ruins, and what are they?

What Are Ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

Ruins can also be considered mini-dungeons, as they are a linear track of the separate progression of puzzles and enemies till you find your way to the boss.

Each ruin will have a recommended level that your wander needs to be to enter them, as they can become incredibly difficult. However, each ruin rewards you with a relic and/or relic shards, to seriously compensate for your efforts. The ruin gives you the relic to begin with, so you can have a chance to play around with it and experiment with it.

ruins chest in tower of fantasy
Screenshot by GJ / Perfect World

Ruins can be located on the map, represented through an icon that looks similar to a spiky tower. To gain access to any ruin, though, you must get through chapter 1, mission 3 – clues in the ruin. This mission will take you through your first ruin and will allow you to access the others.

How to Complete Ruins in Tower of Fantasy

Ruins are incredibly simple and fun. All they require of you is to keep moving forwards in the same linear path, defeating any enemies along the way.

Do keep an eye out for chests, the total number of chests in the ruin can be found in the top left side of the screen, to make sure you take all of your rewards!

boss in tower of fantasy
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At the end of the ruin will be a boss fight that you must defeat in order to proceed. Using your weapon combos and your relics will be a sure path to victory.

Once the boss is defeated, you can step outside and claim your huge reward.

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Can You Replay Ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

reward in tower of fantasy
Screenshot by GJ / Perfect World

You can re-enter an already cleared ruin, but it will be exactly the same as you left it, and any claimed rewards cannot be reclaimed.

Each ruin has three difficulty levels, each passing on more and higher rewards, but the difficulty increases by a large margin and you may need to return a lot later when you have leveled up significantly.

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