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Where to Destroy a Fireplace in Fortnite

We’re here in the Fortnite battle royale’s eighth season, and we have quite a few new challenges to complete. If you are looking to blast through that Battle Pass and want some easy experience, look no further. One of this week’s challenges asks players to destroy a fireplace at Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Park on the Fortnite island. We’ll show you all of those locations below so that you can knock this one out quickly.

As you might have guessed, fireplaces in Fortnite are where they would traditionally be in real-life houses. You’ll want to visit any residential homes in the locations mentioned in the quest (Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Park) and look for a fireplace. Whip out your pickaxe and start swinging. After demolishing the fireplace, the quest is complete. You don’t need to worry about destroying a particular type of fireplace like the one that heals you.

Fortnite Fireplace Locations

To find a fireplace in Fortnite, you could visit Pleasant Park and go inside the yellow house with the basement doors. You can find a fireplace inside any residential house with a chimney. That said, pay attention as you glide into any named area and look for homes with chimneys. Swing your pickaxe at the fireplace, which is usually in the living room, and you’ll get credit for completing the quest.

The quest above is part of the Ember questline in Fortnite Season 8. You can visit Ember in the area northwest of Corny Crops, halfway to Pleasant Park. Speak with her, and you can pick up the quest to destroy a fireplace and then complete it via the steps outlined above.

Again, you can complete this quest at any residential house with a chimney in the following locations:

  • Lazy Lake
  • Pleasant Park
  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Holly Hedges

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