One of the week three challenges in Fortnite’s fourth season is to visit an area known as Panther’s Prowl. This unmarked location can be a bit of a challenge to find for some players. To complete it quickly, we put together a guide to help you out. Here is where to find Panther’s Prowl in Fortnite.

Where is Panther’s Prowl in Fortnite?

Panther’s Prowl is just west of Misty Meadows. We recommend getting over there by dropping in off the Battle Bus. You will find a large Panther Statue in the area, which is easy to spot as you’re gliding in. Visiting this location complete the Fortnite week four challenge called “Visit Panther’s Prowl,” and grants a total of 25,000 XP towards your Battle Pass.

While in the pre-lobby, mark the area on your map to know the exact landing spot. Because of this week’s challenge, anticipate many players visiting the location. Be sure to grab a weapon and some materials if you want to survive. However, if you wish to complete the challenge, we recommend landing there and being done with it.

Refer to the image above if you’re not entirely sure about where it is on the map. You can see a circle just north of the road leading west out of Misty Meadows. Again, look out for other players who want to ruin your day and not let you complete the challenge. Check out our full Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 challenges guide for other missions to complete this week.

There are also some new XP Coins to collect this week. Finally, we recommend checking out the Punch Cards if you need some extra easy XP boost. Good luck!