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Where do you Play Scratchin’ Melodii?

A new rhythm for a new generation.
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Image via LJ LephemStar

Rhythm games were huge in the early to mid-2000s, with hits like Parappa the Rapper, Gitaroo Man, and of course, Dance Dance Revolution. After Guitar Hero oversaturated the market, though, the genre went dormant for a while. Nowadays, the indie gaming scene has been gradually reviving it with colorful and catchy new offerings like Scratchin’ Melodii. So, where do you play Scratchin’ Melodii?

Where do you Play Scratchin’ Melodii?

Scratchin’ Melodii is a new rhythm adventure game in the style of Parappa the Rapper. It’s not finished yet, but the current version of the demo is available to download from the game’s official page. It’s a name-your-price download, so you can grab it for no charge if you like, or contribute a few bucks to help development along.

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You Gotta Believe!

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Image via LJ LephemStar

As of writing, the current build of Scratchin’ Melodii features a tutorial level, three regular songs, and a boss song. You can play in either Adventure Mode, which features an in-progress overworld that you can explore, or Quick-Groove mode if you want to just skip right to the music. If you end up liking the game’s music, you can also check out the WIP soundtrack on the developer’s Bandcamp for $1 USD.

Keep an eye on the page’s developer log for updates on the game’s progress, as well as the creator’s Twitter page for their ongoing process.

If you like rhythm games like Friday Night Funkin’ or are just feeling nostalgic for Parappa the Rapper, Scratchin’ Melodii will definitely be a game to keep on top of.

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