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All Friday Night Funkin’ Characters

Dance Until You Die.
Friday Night Funkin
Image via PhantomArcade

Friday Night Funkin’ is quickly overtaking the indie-rhythm game scene. If you’ve played Dance Dance Revolution or Stepmania, you’re in familiar waters with Friday Night Funkin’. Simply pick a song in either Story Mode or Free Play, and you’ll be thrown into a music battle! If you can nail as many of the notes as possible, you’ll surely come out on top against the unique boss character!

But, who are these boss characters? And, for that matter, who are you playing as? Let’s dive into the wide world of Friday Night Funkin’ characters!

Friday Night Funkin’ Characters

As of publication, there are 14 characters in Friday Night Funkin’. Some of these characters haven’t been added to the game yet, but are planned to be added, so they count.

  1. Boyfriend — The player character! He must earn approval to date Girlfriend from her parents!
  2. Girlfriend — She sits atop the speakers whilst Boyfriend raps his enemies into submission!
  3. Daddy Dearest — An intimidating, former rockstar who refuses to acknowledge his daughter’s partner!
  4. Skid and Pump — The stars of Sr Pelo’s Spooky Month series!
  5. Monster — An enigmatic demon with a lemon for a head! Voiced by Bassetfilms.
  6. Pico — The star of Tom Fulp’s Pico’s School!
  7. Mommy Mearest — Girlfriend’s mother! She’s as intimidating as Daddy Dearest, maybe more!
  8. Senpai — A love interest from an old dating sim who’s after Girlfriend!
  9. Spirit — Once a victim of Daddy Dearest, they now wish to steal your body!
  10. Tankman — The driver of the Newgrounds tank!
  11. Darnell — Not much is known about this upcoming character!
  12. Nene — Not much is known about this upcoming character!
  13. Cassette Girl — Not much is known about this upcoming character!
  14. Hank J. Wimbleton — Not much is known about this upcoming character!

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Stick with Gamer Journalist for more as Friday Night Funkin’ continues development!

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