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When is Naruto coming to Fortnite?

When is Naruto coming to Fortnite?
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Fortnite is no stranger to promotional crossovers, and we should expect nothing to change in Chapter 2, Season 8. Rumors are circulating about an upcoming Fortnite crossover with one of the most popular manga and anime series ever made: Naruto

We rounded up everything we know so far about the Fortnite Naruto crossover, including the release date and all the leaks we could get our hands on.

When is Naruto coming to Fortnite?

Naruto will show up in the Fortnite item shop sometime during Season 8. That means the Naruto skin is coming at some point between now and December 5, 2021.

Original leaks speculated that Fortnite would introduce the Naruto skin alongside the Season 8 Battle Pass, but that turned out to be incorrect.

We do not have concrete confirmation from Epic Games about the Fortnite Naruto skin, but all signs point to yes. In May of 2021, reputable Fortnite news curator and leaker HYPEX Tweeted about a survey circulating from Epic Games. 

The survey asked players if they were familiar with various athletes, TV shows, comic book characters, and more. Naruto was on the list, among others like Luigi, Family Guy, WandaVision, Ricky & Morty, and many more. Some of which we have already seen in-game.

Epic Games employees themselves have also pretty much confirmed Naruto would be coming to Fortnite. Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer at Epic, initially said in a Q&A with Candywing that Naruto would be coming to the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass. He has since corrected the statement and said Naruto is NOT in the Battle Pass.

Fortnite Naruto Leaks

Fortnite leaker Shiina Tweeted that the source who predicted various in-game events confirmed that Epic Games obtained the rights for Naruto. 

Furthermore, Twea, another Fortnite leaker on Twitter, has also stated that Epic Games is working with Shueisha. The Japanese company produces Shonen Jump and could spur many more anime cross-overs and collaborations for Fortnite.

We will keep you updated when we learn more about when Naruto is coming to Fortnite.

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