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What is the Neon Alicorn Worth in Roblox Adopt Me!?

Not quite as rare as a unicorn, but close!
Image via Roblox/Uplift Games

In the world of Roblox creation, Adopt Me! is one of the most popular, garnering hundreds of thousands of concurrent users daily. One of the key components of the game is trading. This, coupled with its popularity, means that the trade market is extremely active with people looking for all types of items and pets to exchange.

With this in mind, it’s important to know the worth of your pet and items. Players will take advantage of newer or less knowledgeable players to get their valuable pets and items for less rare ones.

What is the Neon Alicorn Worth in Roblox Adopt Me!

The worth of pets and items is fluid, meaning that one player might be willing to pay over market value while another will only pay less. It depends on your trading partner, but this is roughly what you should expect.

A Neon Alicorn is worth a little more than a Premium Monkey Box. The Box is a legendary gift and can only be obtained through trading but was available for purchase for 195 Robux. It’s worth a little less than GoKart, which is an ultra-rare vehicle that costs 499 Robux. A comparable pet would be Monkey King, which is a difficult to obtain pet.

Again, it’s dependent on the trade partner. A recent trade, for example, had Monkey King as part of a trade for a Ride Neon Alicorn along with a Diamond Egg and a Baku. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and see where your trade partner’s head is at. You may walk away with even more than you thought you would.

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